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Comparative Biomechanics

Author : Steven Vogel
ISBN : 9781400847822
Genre : Science
File Size : 73. 87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Why do you switch from walking to running at a specific speed? Why do tall trees rarely blow over in high winds? And why does a spore ejected into air at seventy miles per hour travel only a fraction of an inch? Comparative Biomechanics is the first and only textbook that takes a comprehensive look at the mechanical aspects of life--covering animals and plants, structure and movement, and solids and fluids. An ideal entry point into the ways living creatures interact with their immediate physical world, this revised and updated edition examines how the forms and activities of animals and plants reflect the materials available to nature, considers rules for fluid flow and structural design, and explores how organisms contend with environmental forces. Drawing on physics and mechanical engineering, Steven Vogel looks at how animals swim and fly, modes of terrestrial locomotion, organism responses to winds and water currents, circulatory and suspension-feeding systems, and the relationship between size and mechanical design. He also investigates links between the properties of biological materials--such as spider silk, jellyfish jelly, and muscle--and their structural and functional roles. Early chapters and appendices introduce relevant physical variables for quantification, and problem sets are provided at the end of each chapter. Comparative Biomechanics is useful for physical scientists and engineers seeking a guide to state-of-the-art biomechanics. For a wider audience, the textbook establishes the basic biological context for applied areas--including ergonomics, orthopedics, mechanical prosthetics, kinesiology, sports medicine, and biomimetics--and provides materials for exhibit designers at science museums. Problem sets at the ends of chapters Appendices cover basic background information Updated and expanded documentation and materials Revised figures and text Increased coverage of friction, viscoelastic materials, surface tension, diverse modes of locomotion, and biomimetics

Comparative Biomechanics Life S Physical World Second Edition

Author : CTI Reviews
ISBN : 9781497078734
Genre : Education
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Facts101 is your complete guide to Comparative Biomechanics, Life's Physical World Second Edition. In this book, you will learn topics such as More Tools, Gases and Liquids: Fluids at Rest, Gases Meet Liquids: The Interface, and Viscosity and the Patterns of Flow plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Glimpses Of Creatures In Their Physical Worlds

Author : Steven Vogel
ISBN : 9781400833863
Genre : Science
File Size : 33. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Glimpses of Creatures in Their Physical Worlds offers an eye-opening look into how the characteristics of the physical world drive the designs of animals and plants. These characteristics impose limits but also create remarkable and subtle opportunities for the functional biology of organisms. In particular, Steven Vogel examines the size and scale, and trade-offs among different physical processes. He pays attention to how the forms and activities of animals and plants reflect the materials available to nature, and he explores the unique constraints and possibilities provided by fluid flow, structural design, and environmental forces. Each chapter of the book investigates a facet of the physical world, including the drag on small projectiles; the importance of diffusion and convection; the size-dependence of acceleration; the storage, conduction, and dissipation of heat; the relationship among pressure, flow, and choice in biological pumps; and how elongate structures tune their relative twistiness and bendiness. Vogel considers design-determining factors all too commonly ignored, and builds a bridge between the world described by physics books and the reality experienced by all creatures. Glimpses of Creatures in Their Physical Worlds contains a wealth of accessible information related to functional biology, and requires little more than a basic background in secondary-school science and mathematics. Drawing examples from creatures of land, air, and water, the book demonstrates the many uses of biological diversity and how physical forces impact biological organisms.

Nature S Machines

Author : David E. Alexander
ISBN : 9780128498972
Genre : Science
File Size : 58. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Nature’s Machines: An Introduction to Organismal Biomechanics presents the fundamental principles of biomechanics in a concise, accessible way while maintaining necessary rigor. It covers the central principles of whole-organism biomechanics as they apply across the animal and plant kingdoms, featuring brief, tightly-focused coverage that does for biologists what H. M. Frost’s 1967 Introduction to Biomechanics did for physicians. Frequently encountered, basic concepts such as stress and strain, Young’s modulus, force coefficients, viscosity, and Reynolds number are introduced in early chapters in a self-contained format, making them quickly available for learning and as a refresher. More sophisticated, integrative concepts such as viscoelasticity or properties of hydrostats are covered in the later chapters, where they draw on information from multiple earlier sections of the book. Animal and plant biomechanics is now a common research area widely acknowledged by organismal biologists to have broad relevance. Most of the day-to-day activities of an animal involve mechanical processes, and to the extent that organisms are shaped by adaptive evolution, many of those adaptations are constrained and channelized by mechanical properties. The similarity in body shape of a porpoise and a tuna is no coincidence. Many may feel that they have an intuitive understanding of many of the mechanical processes that affect animals and plants, but careful biomechanical analyses often yield counterintuitive results: soft, squishy kelp may be better at withstanding pounding waves during storms than hard-shelled mollusks; really small swimmers might benefit from being spherical rather than streamlined; our bones can operate without breaking for decades, whereas steel surgical implants exhibit fatigue failures in a few months if not fully supported by bone. Offers organismal biologists and biologists in other areas a background in biomechanics to better understand the research literature and to explore the possibility of using biomechanics approaches in their own work Provides an introductory presentation of the everyday mechanical challenges faced by animals and plants Functions as recommended or required reading for advanced undergraduate biology majors taking courses in biomechanics, supplemental reading in a general organismal biology course, or background reading for a biomechanics seminar course

The Physics Of Living Processes

Author : Thomas Andrew Waigh
ISBN : 9781118449943
Genre : Science
File Size : 47. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Introduction To Nanoscience And Nanotechnology

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106019857181
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The maturation of nanotechnology has revealed it to be a unique and distinct discipline rather than a specialization within a larger field. Its textbook cannot afford to be a chemistry, physics, or engineering text focused on nano. It must be an integrated, multidisciplinary, and specifically nano textbook. The archetype of the modern nano textbook, Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology builds a solid background in characterization and fabrication methods while integrating the physics, chemistry, and biology facets. The remainder of this color text focuses on applications, examining engineering aspects as well as nanomaterials and industry-specific applications in such areas as energy, electronics, and biotechnology. Also available in two course-specific volumes: Introduction to Nanoscience elucidates the nanoscale along with the societal impacts of nanoscience, then presents an overview of characterization and fabrication methods. The authors systematically discuss the chemistry, physics, and biology aspects of nanoscience, providing a complete picture of the challenges, opportunities, and inspirations posed by each facet before giving a brief glimpse at nanoscience in action: nanotechnology. Fundamentals of Nanotechnology surveys the field’s broad landscape, exploring the physical basics such as nanorheology, nanofluidics, and nanomechanics as well as industrial concerns such as manufacturing, reliability, and safety. The authors then explore the vast range of nanomaterials and systematically outline devices and applications in various industrial sectors. Qualifying instructors who purchase either of these volumes (or the combined set) are given online access to a wealth of instructional materials. These include detailed lecture notes, review summaries, slides, exercises, and more. The authors provide enough material for both one- and two-semester courses.

Fish Physiology Fish Biomechanics

Author : Robert E. Shadwick
ISBN : 0123504473
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The first in two decades to exclusively integrate physiological and biomechanical studies of fish locomotion, feeding and breathing, making this book both comprehensive and unique. Fish Physiology: Fish Biomechanics reviews and integrates recent developments in research on fish biomechanics, with particular emphasis on experimental results derived from the application of innovative new technologies to this area of research, such as high-speed video, sonomicrometry and digital imaging of flow fields. The collective chapters, written by leaders in the field, provide a multidisciplinary view and synthesis of the latest information on feeding mechanics, breathing mechanics, sensory systems, stability and maueverability, skeletal systems, muscle structure and performance, and hydrodynamics of steady and burst swimming, including riverine passage of migratory species. Book presents concepts in biomechanics, a rapidly expanding area of research First volume in over twenty years on this subject Multi-author volume with contributions by leaders in the field Clear explanations of basic biomechanical principles used in fish research Well illustrated with summary figures and explanatory color diagrams


Author : Kenneth V. Kardong
ISBN : 0071244573
Genre : Anatomie comparée
File Size : 76. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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Designed for an upper-level majors course, this text features an emphasis on function and evolution of vertebrates, anatomical detail, and pedagogy. Vertebrate groups are organized phylogenetically, and their systems discussed. Morphology is foremost, but the text also covers function and evolution into the discussion of anatomy.

Philosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society Of London

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89099258634
Genre : Biology
File Size : 85. 71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Seventy Great Mysteries Of The Natural World

Author : Michael J. Benton
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131750866
Genre : Nature
File Size : 58. 29 MB
Format : PDF
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Draws on the perspectives of sixty eminent scientists to discuss what is currently understood about the functioning of the planet as it relates to massive changes in the environment, in an extensively illustrated reference that features such sections as evolution, animal behavior, and global warming.

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