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College Match

Author : Steven R. Antonoff
ISBN : 1575091089
Genre : Education
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Best College Match

Author : Opal Dawson
ISBN : 1946111058
Genre :
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College Match And Self Discovery

Author : Paul F. Davis
ISBN : 1980473560
Genre :
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By reading this book you will invest in and advance your personal well-being, cultivate happiness, grow in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and lay a strong foundation to develop academically and professionally to achieve long-term success. In life you can have more if you refuse to settle for less. However most people do not know what they want (as they lack self-awareness and have not yet fully arrived at a place of self-discovery). Get clear on who you are, what makes you happy, and what institution(s) of higher learning offer(s) the best program(s) and support(s) to assist you in your journey. Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond, or small fish in an ocean overflowing with endless opportunities and a flurry of activities? Get clear on your identity, values, desires, ambitions, purposes, places you want to live, people you want to associate with, and careers you want to pursue. This illuminating personal inventory assessment will awaken students and adults alike to be more self-aware, plan their future more strategically, and live purposefully. Before seeking to ascertain the right college to attend, students need to be more aware of who they are. Only then can students make wise decisions regarding their ideal college match, grow personally and prepare themselves for fulfilling lives relationally and professionally.Choosing a college or university to attend, study and prepare for your chosen field and academic major, be mentored by professors and executives in relationship with the college/university, along with develop social and future professional relationships is an important decision that will affect a student's lifelong direction. Be empowered to make wise and strategic decisions to be your very best and live your dreams.Paul F. Davis is a College and Career Counselor who has worked at Texas A&M International University and for the American China Exchange Society. Paul has earned 4 Master degrees with the highest honors from the University of Texas (Educational Leadership), New York University (Global Affairs), Michigan State College of Law (Global Food Law), the University of Alabama (Health). Paul completed his training in College Counseling with the University of California at Los Angeles. Paul is a Worldwide Motivational Speaker who has touched 76 nations speaking for the U.S. Military, Companies, Cruise Lines at Sea, Colleges and Universities throughout the globe. Paul is the author of 30 books including:- Update Your Identity- Integrity of Heart- Educational Leadership and School Instructional Improvement - College Admissions Secrets & Interview Strategies - Charter Schools: Faith, Free Choice and Inferior Education for Profit Preying on Minorities - United States of Arrogance- The Future of Food- Geostrategy to Protect Environmental Health & Food Security- Breakthrough For A Broken Heart- Empowering & Liberating Women To Achieve Greatness- Healthy Relationships- Dating, Relationships, Love and Marriage

Inside College Volleyball

Author : The College Volleyball Coach
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Authored by an experienced college coach, Inside College Volleyball is packed with information for volleyball players looking to take their game to the next level by playing in college. It provides a specific set of plans and loads of recommendations and advice for the whole college recruiting process, from high school freshman year (and before) right through senior year (and beyond). The Coach shares a behind-the-scenes view of the recruiting process in terms of what coaches are looking for and how they operate. No matter what level of college play you’re contemplating, from Division III and Junior College right up through upper level Division I, Inside College Volleyball will help you prepare for and manage the recruiting process, as well as provide insights into what it will actually be like once you get to college. If you are: - Confused by all the NCAA recruiting regulations, you will find simple explanation of the rules which will impact you along the way so you’ll know what is allowed and what is restricted at any point in time. - Worried about making commitments, Coach will let you know the timeline college volleyball coaches are on with the recruiting calendar and what it means for you so you can pace the decision-making process properly. - Unsure of how to best manage the college volleyball recruiting process, you will get a specific set of plans for freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior high school years so you can plan a course and navigate the recruiting process confidently. - Looking for guidance on managing communication with college volleyball coaches, you will get advice and recommendations on things like preparing your skills video, how often you should be in touch, and how to handle discussions like scholarship availability so your communication strategy Is effective and efficient throughout the process. - Wondering how best to handle the attention of college volleyball coaches at tournaments, Coach offers several suggestions to help you put your best foot forward to make things less stressful. - Starting to look at schools, the book provides time lines for when to do college visits, advice about what to expect, and recommendations on what to look out for while you’re on campus. - Curious about the different levels of college volleyball, you will find discussions of not just the Division I recruiting process, but also of Division II and III, plus NAIA and Junior College Volleyball. There’s loads more. The book features answers to a number of common player and parent questions about things like signing periods, camps, Men’s Volleyball, walking-on, and more. If you have a question about college recruiting, it’s probably answered in the book – and if not, you’ll find out how to get the answer. Coaches and club directors should read this book too. It will help them guide those in their program in the best possible way. Actually, the book even includes specific advice for them! And Inside College Volleyball doesn’t stop there. While recruiting is definitely the biggest focus, the book also talks about training, playing, and coaching. There’s lots of behind the scenes type information about how things really work in college volleyball. The Coach gives you the inside scoop on a number of different topics, from rules to equipment to athletic department politics to coaching employment, making the book not just a resource for prospective college volleyball players and their parents, but to anyone interested in collegiate volleyball.

Promoting College Match For Low Income Students

Author : D. Crystal Byndloss
ISBN : OCLC:1066349761
Genre :
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Most high school reform efforts understandably focus on boosting the success of low-income students who are underachieving academically, but in every school district where students struggle, there are academically capable low-income and minority students who do graduate prepared for college. Yet each year, many of these students choose to attend nonselective four-year colleges where graduation rates are distressingly low. Others enroll at two-year colleges, where degree completion and transfer rates are even lower. Many more do not attend college at all. In 2010, MDRC and its partners pilot-tested an innovative advising program, College Match, in three Chicago public high schools. This practitioner brief presents practical lessons from that program. It offers five strategies that show promise, that could be widely applicable, that counselors and advisers can integrate into their existing college guidance activities, and that can be implemented in college advising settings in and out of schools.

Beating The College Debt Trap

Author : Alex Chediak
ISBN : 9780310337430
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Beating the College Debt Trap presents students with a better way to do college. The radically counter-cultural truth is that students don’t have to be totally dependent on Mom, Dad, or Uncle Sam to get the most out of college. Graduation on a solid financial foundation is possible. But it will require intentionality, creativity, hard work, and a willingness to delay gratification. Chediak gets into the nitty-gritty of how to get work and make money during the college years, pay off any loans quickly, spend less, save more, and stay out of debt for good. He also unpacks how to transition from college into career, honor God while achieving financial independence, and use your finances to make a positive, eternally-significant difference in the lives of others. As a young engineering professor with an aptitude for finances and money management, Chediak has become particularly concerned with the financial health of young adults, especially in light of the ever increasing costs of college. In Beating the College Debt Trap he helps do something about this problem. He engages, in a friendly manner, the “real world” financial issues that 17-25 year olds face, with clarity, practical help, lots of illustrations, and a little humor, while conveying a distinctly Christian perspective.

The Together Leader

Author : Maia Heyck-Merlin
ISBN : 9781118987544
Genre : Education
File Size : 85. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Streamline your workflow and bring your vision to life The Together Leader is a practical handbook for the busy mission-driven leader. With an emphasis on time management, the book provides all of the tools, templates, and checklists necessary for leaders to stay organized and keep on top their responsibilities. Maia Heyck-Merlin describes step-by-step a set of habits and systems that help leaders to keep everything running smoothly and, most importantly, achieve their mission-driven goals. By learning how to plan for the predictable, leaders can face the unexpected head-on, going off-plan while keeping their eye on the objective. Education leaders will learn how to prioritize quickly and efficiently, and gain access to hands-on tools that take the turbulence out of their days, allowing them to truly become a Together Leader. Mission-driven leaders are often required to multi-task; it's part of the job. This book gives leaders the tools and information they need to streamline their workflow, to take the day one task at a time without sacrificing productivity. The book includes lessons on how to: Prioritize effectively and work efficiently Get organized and stay prepared no matter what Manage time, staff, and resources Develop the habits of an effective leader A leader's time is valuable, as is that of their staff. There's no room for waste. The Together Leader prepares leaders to truly lead their teams, with the tools and strategies that make real, effective mission-driven leadership possible.

The Influence Of The College Match Program On Near Peer Advisers College Match Issue Focus

Author : MDRC.
ISBN : OCLC:1066350028
Genre :
File Size : 64. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Educators, researchers, and policymakers across the political spectrum agree that the nation must send more of its young people to college and find ways to help them graduate--especially young people from low-income families. To that end, in 2010, MDRC and a group of partners developed College Match, an innovative school-based college advising program that was pilot-tested in select Chicago and New York City public schools. The MDRC-operated program placed "near-peer" advisers--trained advisers who are recent college graduates--in low-income high schools where they provided college advising to a group of moderate- and high-achieving students, guiding them toward selective colleges where retention and graduation rates are high and they had better odds of success. Here a group of advisers reflect on the influence of the program on their career trajectories. [Advisers contributing to this document include: Ebelio Mondragon, Jessica Salazar, Michele L. (Taylor) Howard, and Kelli Hammond Antonides.].

Student College Match And Bachelor S Degree Completion

Author : Ryan P. Hudes
ISBN : OCLC:1024312481
Genre : College attendance
File Size : 36. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Start Your Own College Planning Consultant Business

Author : Eileen Figure Sandlin
ISBN : 9781613082461
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66. 81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Thanks to today’s busy lifestyles, nearly 4,500 institutions of higher learning, and more than 21 million students, the need for college admissions consulting services continues to grow. The experts at Entrepreneur detail how education enthusiasts and/ or those with a passion for counseling others can take advantage of this home-based business opportunity. Coached by our experts, entrepreneurs learn how to identify their specialty or services—from steering high school students towards acceptance to assisting in filing admission and financial applications and other market needs. They also learn business basics such as establishing their company as a legal entity, outfitting a home office, handling the finances, promoting your services and the like. Given contact lists, resource lists, sample documents, and even interviews from practicing entrepreneurs sharing money-saving tips, pitfalls to avoid, and tricks of the trade, entrepreneurs gain all the intel they need to make their business startup and launch a success.

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