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Coherent States And Applications In Mathematical Physics

Author : Monique Combescure
ISBN : 9789400701960
Genre : Science
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This book presents the various types of coherent states introduced and studied in the physics and mathematics literature and describes their properties together with application to quantum physics problems. It is intended to serve as a compendium on coherent states and their applications for physicists and mathematicians, stretching from the basic mathematical structures of generalized coherent states in the sense of Perelomov via the semiclassical evolution of coherent states to various specific examples of coherent states (hydrogen atom, quantum oscillator, ...).

Coherent States

Author : John R. Klauder
ISBN : 9971966522
Genre : Science
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This volume is a review on coherent states and some of their applications. The usefulness of the concept of coherent states is illustrated by considering specific examples from the fields of physics and mathematical physics. Particular emphasis is given to a general historical introduction, general continuous representations, generalized coherent states, classical and quantum correspondence, path integrals and canonical formalism. Applications are considered in quantum mechanics, optics, quantum chemistry, atomic physics, statistical physics, nuclear physics, particle physics and cosmology. A selection of original papers is reprinted.

Coherent States Wavelets And Their Generalizations

Author : Syed Twareque Ali
ISBN : 9781461485353
Genre : Science
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This second edition is fully updated, covering in particular new types of coherent states (the so-called Gazeau-Klauder coherent states, nonlinear coherent states, squeezed states, as used now routinely in quantum optics) and various generalizations of wavelets (wavelets on manifolds, curvelets, shearlets, etc.). In addition, it contains a new chapter on coherent state quantization and the related probabilistic aspects. As a survey of the theory of coherent states, wavelets, and some of their generalizations, it emphasizes mathematical principles, subsuming the theories of both wavelets and coherent states into a single analytic structure. The approach allows the user to take a classical-like view of quantum states in physics. Starting from the standard theory of coherent states over Lie groups, the authors generalize the formalism by associating coherent states to group representations that are square integrable over a homogeneous space; a further step allows one to dispense with the group context altogether. In this context, wavelets can be generated from coherent states of the affine group of the real line, and higher-dimensional wavelets arise from coherent states of other groups. The unified background makes transparent an entire range of properties of wavelets and coherent states. Many concrete examples, such as coherent states from semisimple Lie groups, Gazeau-Klauder coherent states, coherent states for the relativity groups, and several kinds of wavelets, are discussed in detail. The book concludes with a palette of potential applications, from the quantum physically oriented, like the quantum-classical transition or the construction of adequate states in quantum information, to the most innovative techniques to be used in data processing. Intended as an introduction to current research for graduate students and others entering the field, the mathematical discussion is self-contained. With its extensive references to the research literature, the first edition of the book is already a proven compendium for physicists and mathematicians active in the field, and with full coverage of the latest theory and results the revised second edition is even more valuable.

Generalized Coherent States And Their Applications

Author : Askold Perelomov
ISBN : 9783642616297
Genre : Science
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This monograph treats an extensively developed field in modern mathematical physics - the theory of generalized coherent states and their applications to various physical problems. Coherent states, introduced originally by Schrodinger and von Neumann, were later employed by Glauber for a quantal description of laser light beams. The concept was generalized by the author for an arbitrary Lie group. In the last decade the formalism has been widely applied to various domains of theoretical physics and mathematics. The area of applications of generalized coherent states is very wide, and a comprehensive exposition of the results in the field would be helpful. This monograph is the first attempt toward this aim. My purpose was to compile and expound systematically the vast amount of material dealing with the coherent states and available through numerous journal articles. The book is based on a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses I delivered at the Moscow Physico-Technical Institute. In its present form it is intended for professional mathematicians and theoretical physicists; it may also be useful for university students of mathematics and physics. In Part I the formalism is elaborated and explained for some of the simplest typical groups. Part II contains more sophisticated material; arbitrary Lie groups and symmetrical spaces are considered. A number of examples from various areas of theoretical and mathematical physics illustrate advantages of this approach, in Part III. It is a pleasure for me to thank Dr. Yu. Danilov for many useful remarks.

Proceedings Of The Second International Workshop On Contemporary Problems In Mathematical Physics

Author : Jan Govaerts
ISBN : 9810249357
Genre : Science
File Size : 65. 8 MB
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The following topics are discussed in this volume: recent developments in operator theory, coherent states and wavelet analysis, geometric and topological methods in theoretical physics and quantum field theory, and applications of these methods of mathematical physics to problems in atomic and molecular physics as well as the world of the elementary particles and their fundamental interactions. Two extensive sets of lecture notes on quantization techniques in general, and quantum gauge theories and strings as an avenue towards quantum geometry, are also included. The volume should be of interest to anyone working in a field using the mathematical methods associated with any of these topics.

Differentialgeometrie Topologie Und Physik

Author : Mikio Nakahara
ISBN : 9783662453001
Genre : Science
File Size : 52. 68 MB
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Differentialgeometrie und Topologie sind wichtige Werkzeuge für die Theoretische Physik. Insbesondere finden sie Anwendung in den Gebieten der Astrophysik, der Teilchen- und Festkörperphysik. Das vorliegende beliebte Buch, das nun erstmals ins Deutsche übersetzt wurde, ist eine ideale Einführung für Masterstudenten und Forscher im Bereich der theoretischen und mathematischen Physik. - Im ersten Kapitel bietet das Buch einen Überblick über die Pfadintegralmethode und Eichtheorien. - Kapitel 2 beschäftigt sich mit den mathematischen Grundlagen von Abbildungen, Vektorräumen und der Topologie. - Die folgenden Kapitel beschäftigen sich mit fortgeschritteneren Konzepten der Geometrie und Topologie und diskutieren auch deren Anwendungen im Bereich der Flüssigkristalle, bei suprafluidem Helium, in der ART und der bosonischen Stringtheorie. - Daran anschließend findet eine Zusammenführung von Geometrie und Topologie statt: es geht um Faserbündel, characteristische Klassen und Indextheoreme (u.a. in Anwendung auf die supersymmetrische Quantenmechanik). - Die letzten beiden Kapitel widmen sich der spannendsten Anwendung von Geometrie und Topologie in der modernen Physik, nämlich den Eichfeldtheorien und der Analyse der Polakov'schen bosonischen Stringtheorie aus einer gemetrischen Perspektive. Mikio Nakahara studierte an der Universität Kyoto und am King’s in London Physik sowie klassische und Quantengravitationstheorie. Heute ist er Physikprofessor an der Kinki-Universität in Osaka (Japan), wo er u. a. über topologische Quantencomputer forscht. Diese Buch entstand aus einer Vorlesung, die er während Forschungsaufenthalten an der University of Sussex und an der Helsinki University of Sussex gehalten hat.

Selected Topics In Quantum Field Theory And Mathematical Physics

Author : Fischer J
ISBN : 9789814612722
Genre :
File Size : 46. 29 MB
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Coherent States In Quantum Physics

Author : Jean-Pierre Gazeau
ISBN : 352740709X
Genre : Science
File Size : 61. 95 MB
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This self-contained introduction discusses the evolution of the notion of coherent states, from the early works of Schr?dinger to the most recent advances, including signal analysis. An integrated and modern approach to the utility of coherent states in many different branches of physics, it strikes a balance between mathematical and physical descriptions. Split into two parts, the first introduces readers to the most familiar coherent states, their origin, their construction, and their application and relevance to various selected domains of physics. Part II, mostly based on recent original results, is devoted to the question of quantization of various sets through coherent states, and shows the link to procedures in signal analysis.

Coherent States And Their Applications

Author : Jean-Pierre Antoine
ISBN : 9783319767321
Genre : Science
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Coherent states (CS) were originally introduced in 1926 by Schrödinger and rediscovered in the early 1960s in the context of laser physics. Since then, they have evolved into an extremely rich domain that pervades virtually every corner of physics, and have also given rise to a range of research topics in mathematics. The purpose of the 2016 CIRM conference was to bring together leading experts in the field with scientists interested in related topics, to jointly investigate their applications in physics, their various mathematical properties, and their generalizations in many directions. Instead of traditional proceedings, this book presents sixteen longer review-type contributions, which are the outcome of a collaborative effort by many conference participants, subsequently reviewed by independent experts. The book aptly illustrates the diversity of CS aspects, from purely mathematical topics to physical applications, including quantum gravity.

Operator Algebras And Mathematical Physics

Author : Tirthankar Bhattacharyya
ISBN : 9783319181820
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 25. 73 MB
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This volume gathers contributions from the International Workshop on Operator Theory and Its Applications (IWOTA) held in Bangalore, India, in December 2013. All articles were written by experts and cover a broad range of original material at the cutting edge of operator theory and its applications. Topics include multivariable operator theory, operator theory on indefinite metric spaces (Krein and Pontryagin spaces) and its applications, spectral theory with applications to differential operators, the geometry of Banach spaces, scattering and time varying linear systems, and wavelets and coherent states.

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