coaching questions a coach s guide to powerful asking skills

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Coaching Questions

Author : Tony Stoltzfus
ISBN : 0979416361
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The single most important skill in coaching is asking powerful questions. In this volume, master coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus joins with 12 other professional coaches to present dozens of valuable asking tools, models and exercises, then illustrates these coaching strategies with over 1,000 examples of penetrating questions. Covering the gamut from basic techniques like options and actions to advanced concepts such as challenge and reframing, Coaching Questions is a book that will find a home on any coach's short list of handy references. Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills includes:1. Dozens of asking tools, models, and strategies.2. The top ten asking mistakes coaches make, and how to correct each one.3. Nearly 1200 examples of powerful questions from real coaching situations.4. Destiny discovery tools organized in a four-part life-purpose model .5. Overviews of 15 popular coaching niches, with a tool and examples for each.6. A schedule of training exercises to help you become a "Master of Asking".

Coaching Leadership Families

Author : Ulf Spears
ISBN : 9781479739325
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 67. 72 MB
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This book examines the leadership family model as a key coaching and mentoring tool for the multiplication of healthy, strong families in the twenty-first century. This book introduces the leadership family model as a four-step process: individual male and female leadership, leadership couples, leadership families, mentor-coach other leadership families. In addition, this book highlights the third and fourth steps of the leadership family modelleadership families, mentoring-coaching leadership familiesby defining, explaining, and suggesting ways to coach and mentor families locally and globally. Primary and secondary research was used in this book as well as life experience. The results indicate there is evidence leadership families do exist, and the leadership family model should be considered as a viable coaching and mentoring tool for multiplying healthy, strong families in the twenty-first century. In addition, the results suggest families need a roadmap to health, strength, and growth. The leadership family model can provide that roadmap.

Theory Research And Practical Guidelines For Family Life Coaching

Author : Kimberly Allen
ISBN : 9783319293318
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 31. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume focuses on breaking ground with family coaching, presenting theory, research and practical guidelines for researchers, educators and practitioners. Readers will discover a theoretical overview of coaching psychology and family science, accessibly presented research and models of family coaching and family life education. The insight this book provides into family systems and practical information on coaching families will be valuable to youth coaches, parent coaches, life coaches and counsellors, amongst others. Beginning with a brief introduction on the necessity of this volume and further research on family coaching in general, the author takes readers progressively through the family coaching process. The book explores specific strategies for coaching parents, couples, and families on relationships, parenting special needs, and much more. Each chapter offers a theoretical base as well as applied guidance including case studies, powerful questions, and tips from experienced family coaches. Whether you are a family therapist, a coaching psychologist, or a family life professional that serves children and families, this book is ideal for gaining a better understanding of how to coach families toward positive family functioning. Dr. Kim Allen delivers an engaging and reflective book offering a comprehensive guide for those interested in becoming a family coach.

Coaching And Mentoring For Business

Author : Grace McCarthy
ISBN : 9781473904323
Genre : Education
File Size : 66. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Coaching and Mentoring for Business seeks to go beyond the vast body of skills-based literature that dominates the study of coaching and mentoring and focus on the contribution that coaching can make to the implementation of human resource strategy and organizational strategy. Grace McCarthy includes an introduction to coaching and mentoring theory, then goes on to look at coaching and mentoring skills, and how they may be applied in relation to individual change, coaching and mentoring for leaders and by leaders, coaching and mentoring for strategy, innovation and organisational change, as well as coaching and mentoring in cross-cultural and virtual contexts. Coaching and Mentoring for Business also explores ethical issues in coaching and mentoring before concluding with the evaluation of success in coaching and mentoring and a discussion of emerging issues. Key Features: Vignettes to help readers consolidate their learning by illustrating real life situations Web links to useful academic and professional resources A companion website with PowerPoint slides, a lecturer's guide and self-assessment quizzes available at Electronic inspection copies are available for instructors.

The Impact Cycle

Author : Jim Knight
ISBN : 9781544317786
Genre : Education
File Size : 69. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Jim Knight is one of the wise men of coaching. His well is deep; he draws from it the best tools from practitioners, the wisdom of experience, and research-based insights. And he never loses sight of the bigger picture: the point of all this is to have more impact in this life we're lucky enough to live." —MICHAEL BUNGAY STANIER, Author of The Coaching Habit "Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance. Jim Knight’s work has helped me understand the details of how effective coaching can and should be done." —DR. ATUL GAWANDE, surgeon, public health researcher, and author of The Checklist Manifesto Identify . . . Learn . . . Improve When it comes to improving practice, few professional texts can rival the impact felt by Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching. For hundreds of thousands of educators, Jim bridged the long-standing divide between staff room and classroom offering up a much a more collaborative, respectful, and efficient PD model for achieving instructional excellence. Now, one decade of research and hundreds of in-services later, Jim takes that work a significant step further with The Impact Cycle: an all-new instructional coaching cycle to help teachers and, in turn, their students improve in clear, measurable ways. Quintessential Jim, The Impact Cycle comes loaded with every possible tool to help you reach your coaching goals, starting with a comprehensive video program, robust checklists, and a model Instructional Playbook. Quickly, you’ll learn how to Interact and dialogue with teachers as partners Guide teachers to identify emotionally compelling, measurable, and student-focused goals Set coaching goals, plan strategies, and monitor progress for optimal impact Use documentary-style video and text-based case studies as models to promote maximum teacher clarity and proactive problem solving Streamline teacher enrollment, data collection, and deep listening Jim writes, “When we grow, improve, and learn, when we strive to become a better version of ourselves, we tap into something deep in ourselves that craves that kind of growth.” Read The Impact Cycle and soon you’ll discover how you can continually refine your practice to help teachers and students realize their fullest potential. View Jim Knight’s Impact Cycle video trailer:

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

Author : James Gavin
ISBN : 9781492588702
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 34. 31 MB
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Lifestyles have changed dramatically over the past quarter century. Along with these changes come exciting opportunities, including new career paths in the professional domain of health and wellness coaching. Centered on an evidence-based process for guiding change, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, Third Edition With Web Resource, offers a systematic approach to helping clients achieve enduring changes in their personal health and wellness behaviors through a supportive and forward-moving coaching relationship. Lifestyle Wellness Coaching has been thoroughly revised and updated to keep pace with the rapidly evolving field of wellness coaching. It is complemented by discussions, case studies, reflective opportunities, and practical aids and engages readers through multiple approaches to learning: The reader is encouraged to gauge comprehension and application of the content by reflecting on personal experiences within the context of coaching. Sample dialogues offer real-world examples of coaching situations and strategies. The International Coach Federation’s 11 core competencies are thoroughly examined to prepare readers for certification in the profession of coaching. A new web resource houses easy-to-use forms, plans, and assessments that professionals can use immediately with clients. Lifestyle Wellness Coaching examines real coaching conversations to assess key considerations, such as the types of questions to ask, how to provide feedback effectively, and how to facilitate action planning. The text presents communication strategies to motivate, guide, inform, and support clients’ processes toward personal change with a holistic approach. It addresses boundaries of care and advice appropriate to coaching relationships. Other issues explored include developing a trusting relationship, creating goals that are aligned with coaching processes, unblocking clients’ energy and discovering resources for change, and generating forward movement through the skillful use of the International Coach Federation’s 11 core competencies. Lifestyle Wellness Coaching introduces readers to models that clearly identify clients’ progress through the stages of change. First, the text explores the popular transtheoretical model (TTM) of health-related behavior change and its delineation of six stages of clients’ readiness to change. The discussion of TTM includes strategies appropriate to clients in various stages of readiness to change. The text also presents the learning-through-change model (LCM), revealing the deep layers beneath each phase of client movement toward change. Readers are offered a map for coaching clients toward goal achievement. The authors’ unique flow model of coaching illustrates how professional coaches can help clients navigate the sometimes turbulent events of a person’s life in order to change habitual patterns of behavior. The companion web resource offers a complete kit of assessment tools to help establish a strong framework for successful coaching. A welcome packet, coaching readiness index, introductory session form, and between-sessions questionnaire benefit both the professional and client in laying the groundwork. Other supplemental resources, such as a social and emotional intelligence assessment and a goal setting form, support the journey. Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, Third Edition, is the definitive resource for those seeking to embrace wellness coaching and propel clients to healthy, effective change.

Mentoring In Nursing

Author : Sheila C. Grossman, PhD, APRN-BC, FAAN
ISBN : 9780826107695
Genre : Medical
File Size : 63. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Transformative Learning Theory offers a uniquely inclusive methodology across all levels of nursing education for educators and students focused on common nursing arenas and situations. This is the only book to present practical, innovative strategies for novice and experienced nurse educators to apply Transformative Learning Theory in various curricula, courses, and learning situations. Geared for adult and returning students, the text addresses common learning issues from both learner and teacher perspectives, enabling educators and students to apply Transformative Learning to evaluate their own authentic transformation throughout their careers. Key Features: Offers a uniquely inclusive theory and methodology "Transformative Learning Theory" across degree levels for educators and students Includes practical learning strategies and activities for a broad nursing curriculum Addresses the needs of novice nurse educators with clinical, but limited pedagogical, expertise and experienced nurse educators seeking new frameworks and techniques Provides direct application for classroom, online, or hybrid learning environments Covers all aspects of simulation Designed for graduate nursing education courses

The Toyota Kata Practice Guide Practicing Scientific Thinking Skills For Superior Results In 20 Minutes A Day

Author : Mike Rother
ISBN : 9781259861031
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Take the Kata path to scientific thinking and superior results! In this long-awaited companion to the groundbreaking book Toyota Kata, Mike Rother takes you to the next level of developing business mindset and capability for the 21st Century. Much more than a list of management concepts, The Toyota Kata Practice Guide walks you through the process of making improvement, adaptation, and even innovation routine behavior. Designed to help a coach (the manager) and a learner work together for developing new skillsets, The Toyota Kata Practice Guide delivers the information, insight, and frameworks you need to: * Form habits that help you solve problems and achieve challenging goals * Modify the thought patterns that drive your behavior * Develop an organizational mindset that drives superior results The Improvement Kata gives learners the means to experiment their way through obstacles and achieve tough goals; the Coaching Kata gives managers the means to accelerate and cement their people's learning. In the new age of business, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs is no longer the end game. A manager’s job today is to develop patterns of thinking and acting in their people that lead to success with any challenge. Consistent, mindful practice is the best way to do it—and The Toyota Kata Practice Guide is the best way to get there.

The Toyota Kata Field Guide Power Pack

Author : Mike Rother
ISBN : 9781260116533
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Create more scientific thinking in your company—two popular guides in one convenient package The Toyota Kata Field Guide Power Pack includes Mike Rother’s groundbreaking companion volumes to his internationally renowned Toyota Kata—the book that launched a global business movement toward a scientific thinking management process that drives continuous improvement. The package includes: The Toyota Kata Practice Guide—a hands-on guide giving both the coach and the learner all the “starter Kata” for everyday practice, and Toyota Kata Culture—an illustrated look at how to deploy a Kata coaching chain that creates organizational capability to continually adapt, improve, and innovate.

Author : أندرو سوبل وجيرالد بناس
ISBN : 9789776467415
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 77. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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· يساعد على النجاح في العمل والحياة · من أكثر كتب التنمية الذاتية مبيعًا «إن أثمن هدية تقدمها لأحد هي سؤاله عن رأيه ثم الإصغاء باهتمام لجوابه. وهذه الفكرة المثيرة للاهتمام تتحول عبر صفحات هذا الكتاب إلى نصائح عملية قادرة على الإقناع عبر طرح أسئلة من شأنها الكشف عن أجوبة مُدهشة ومُغيِّرة للحياة غالبًا» «رالف شريدر»، الرئيس والرئيس التنفيذي، «بوز آلان هاملتون» · «هذا الكتاب رائع وله تأثير مُدهش. إنه يساعدك على وضع أحاديثك على المسار الصحيح، ويُعزز قدرتك على الإصغاء، ويُدخِلك إلى عقل الآخر وقلبه. أُوصي بشدة بقراءته» «جون شليفسكه»، الرئيس والرئيس التنفيذي، «نورث ويسترن ميوتشوال» · «اقرأ هذا الكتاب الرائع، واجعله في متناول يدك، لأن تلك الأسئلة يمكنها إثراء كل جانب من جوانب حياتك» «كن بلانشارد»، المؤلف المشارك لكتاب «The One Minute Manager» · «في البيت الأبيض، تعلمتُ فن الإجابة عن الأسئلة، ولكني كنت أُحدِّث نفسي دائمًا وأقول إن البراعة تكمن في توجيه السؤال الصحيح. لقد امتلك «آندرو» و«جيري» ناصية ذلك الفن تمامًا. هذا كتاب لا غنى عنه لكل مَن يسعى للاستفادة المُثلى من فن الاتصال الناجح. لا غنى عن قراءته!» «مايك مكيري»، السكرتير الإعلامي السابق للرئيس «بيل كلينتون» «سواء قرأته من الغلاف إلى الغلاف أو طالعت صفحة وحسب كي تتهيأ لاجتماع جديد، فهو مرجع قيِّم أيًّا كان حقل نشاطك» «فرانك ديسوزا»، الرئيس التنفيذي، «كوجنيزانت» «إن تَعلمك كيفية استخدام الأسئلة الفعَّالة يمكن أن يعزز كثيرًا من نجاحاتك على المستويين الشخصي والمهني. وسوف يعينك هذا الكتاب على بناء العلاقات وتعزيزها، وبيع المزيد من منتجاتك وخدماتك وأفكارك، وتحفيز الآخرين على بذل جهود أكبر مما كانوا يحسبون أنهم يستطيعون بذله، وتقوية فاعليتك في التأثير على عملائك وزملائك وأصدقائك. يَسرد كل فصل من الفصول الأربعة والثلاثين من هذا الكتاب حوارًا أو يعرض لموقف اعتراه تحوُّل بفضل سؤال أو أكثر من الأسئلة الفعَّالة. وقد استعنا بنماذج من واقع الحياة كي نُبيِّن كيف ومتى يُستعان بهذه الأسئلة. أما في القسم الأخير، «أسئلة لكل زمان ومكان»، فقد استعرضنا قائمة تضم 293 سؤالًا فعَّالًا إضافيًّا. وهذه الأسئلة الإضافية ستكون عونًا لك على تحقيق النجاح في طائفة منوَّعة من المواقف الحياتية سواء على الصعيد المهني أو الشخصي».

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