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Civil War Journalism

Author : Ford Risley
ISBN : 9780313347276
Genre : History
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This book examines newspapers, magazines, photographs, illustrations, and editorial cartoons to tell the important story of journalism, documenting its role during the Civil War as well as the impact of the war on the press.

A Press Divided

Author : David B. Sachsman
ISBN : 9781351534604
Genre : History
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A Press Divided provides new insights regarding the sharp political divisions that existed among the newspapers of the Civil War era. These newspapers were divided between North and South, and also divided within the North and South. These divisions reflected and exacerbated the conflicts in political thought that caused the Civil War and the political and ideological battles within the Union and the Confederacy about how to pursue the war. In the North, dissenting voices alarmed the Lincoln administration to such a degree that draconian measures were taken to suppress dissenting newspapers and editors, while in the South, the Confederate government held to its fundamental belief in freedom of speech and was more tolerant of political attacks in the press. This volume consists of eighteen chapters on subjects including newspaper coverage of the rise of Lincoln, press reports on George Armstrong Custer, Confederate women war correspondents, Civil War photojournalists, newspaper coverage of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the suppression of the dissident press. This book tells the story of a divided press before and during the Civil War, discussing the roles played by newspapers in splitting the nation, newspaper coverage of the war, and the responses by the Union and Confederate administrations to press criticism.

Journalism In The Civil War Era

Author : David W. Bulla
ISBN : 1433107228
Genre : History
File Size : 40. 63 MB
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Journalism in the Civil War Era examines the contributions of newspapers and magazines to the American public's understanding of the nation's greatest internal conflict. It documents the effect the Civil War had on journalism, and the effect journalism had on the Civil War. It describes the politics that affected the press, the constraints placed upon it, and the influence of technology. The book discusses the editors and reporters who covered the war, profiling the typical newspaper of the era as well as the response of the press corps to wartime challenges. Providing a broad account of journalism during this period, this book serves as an important reference for scholars and students, and as a supplementary text for courses in journalism history, U.S. press history, civil rights law, and nineteenth century history. "Bulla and Borchard's analysis of newspapers during the Civil War era shows that this was a transformative time for the press and a perilous time for the relationship between government and the press. The authors argue effectively that `the media that emerged [from the first Modern War] laid the foundation for modern news.'"---David B. Sachsman, West Chair of Excellence and Director of the Symposium on the Nineteenth Century Press, the Civil War, and Free Expression, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga "Bulla and Borchard have produced what has been long needed in the study of U.S. Civil War journalism: a social and cultural history of the American press that goes beyond anecdotal accounts of war news. They explore the nature of the Civil War-era press itself in all its strengths and weaknesses, ranging from political and economic grandstanding and over-the-top verbal grandiloquence to the sheer bravery and determination of a number of editors, publishers, and journalists who viewed their tasks as interpreters and informers of the day's news. Using a mix of carefully selected case studies as well as an extensive study of newspapers both large and small, this highly readable work places the Civil War press squarely where it belongs---as a part of the larger social and cultural experience of midnineteenth century America."---Mary M. Cronin, Department of Journalism, New Mexico State University "Bulla and Borchard have significantly expanded our understanding of the press, its impact, and its many roles during the Civil War. They shed light on politics, commerce, technology, public opinion, and censorship. Their book reminds us why the press matters most when a nation's fundamental freedoms are at stake."---Michael S. Sweeney, Author, The Military and the Press

Reflections On The Civil War

Author : Bruce Catton
ISBN : 9780307833310
Genre : History
File Size : 65. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Edited from tapes that the Pulitzer prize-winnng historian made before his death, this moving, informative book paints an intimate portrait of war. It's a chronicle of motives and emotions, from larger than life figures Lincoln and Lee to young John B.

The Civil War In The Border South

Author : Christopher Phillips
ISBN : 9780275995034
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The border states during the Civil War have long been ignored or misunderstood in general histories. This book corrects that oversight, explaining how many border state residents used wartime realities to redefine their politics and culture as "Southern." • Explains how neutrality and definitions of loyalty and disloyalty during the war, which became key political issues, emerged from the military experience in the neutral border slave states • Documents how Lincoln's major wartime political issues centered on events or conflicts that originated in the border slave states • Describes the centrality of emancipation, black enlistment, and their intersection with guerrilla warfare in the border states' experience during the Civil War

The Routledge Companion To The American Civil War Era

Author : Hugh Tulloch
ISBN : 9781134583492
Genre : History
File Size : 59. 45 MB
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Arguably one of the most significant periods in US history, the American Civil War era continues to fascinate. In this essential reference guide to the period, Hugh Tulloch examines the war itself, alongside the political, constitutional, social, economic, literary and religious developments and trends that informed and were formed by the turbulent events that took place during America’s nineteenth century. Key themes examined here are: emancipation and the quest for racial justice abolitionism and debates regarding freedom versus slavery the confederacy and reconstruction civil war military strategy industry and agriculture Presidential elections and party politics cultural and intellectual developments. Including a compendium of information through timelines, chronologies, bibliographies and guides to sources as well, students of American history and the civil war will want a copy of this by their side.

What Caused The Civil War Reflections On The South And Southern History

Author : Edward L. Ayers
ISBN : 9780393285154
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 42 MB
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“An extremely good writer, [Ayers] is well worth reading . . . on the South and Southern history.”—Stephen Sears, Boston Globe The Southern past has proven to be fertile ground for great works of history. Peculiarities of tragic proportions—a system of slavery flourishing in a land of freedom, secession and Civil War tearing at a federal Union, deep poverty persisting in a nation of fast-paced development—have fed the imaginations of some of our most accomplished historians. Foremost in their ranks today is Edward L. Ayers, author of the award-winning and ongoing study of the Civil War in the heart of America, the Valley of the Shadow Project. In wide-ranging essays on the Civil War, the New South, and the twentieth-century South, Ayers turns over the rich soil of Southern life to explore the sources of the nation's and his own history. The title essay, original here, distills his vast research and offers a fresh perspective on the nation's central historical event.

American Oracle

Author : David W. Blight
ISBN : 9780674062702
Genre : History
File Size : 37. 57 MB
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David Blight takes his readers back to the Civil War’s centennial celebration to determine how Americans made sense of the suffering, loss, and liberation a century earlier. He shows how four of America’s most incisive writers—Robert Penn Warren, Bruce Catton, Edmund Wilson, and James Baldwin—explored the gulf between remembrance and reality.

The London Confederates

Author : John D. Bennett
ISBN : 9780786430567
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Although the British government declared its neutrality during the American Civil War, London nevertheless became an important center of Confederate overseas operations. This work examines the extensive Confederate activities in London during the war, including diplomacy, propaganda, purchasing for the Army and Navy, spying, Cotton Loan, and various business associations; reflections of the Civil War in British art and literature; and the extent of British support for the South. Appendices cover London firms with Confederate links, pro-Confederate publications, Confederate music published in London, the Southern lobby in Parliament, the Southern Independence Association, and the British Jackson Monumental Fund. The work also includes a chronology of events and a gazetteer of Confederate sites in London.

Soldier And Scholar

Author : Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve
ISBN : 0813917433
Genre : History
File Size : 25. 82 MB
Format : PDF
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A collection of the writings of Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, a classical scholar, Civil War journalist, and Charleston native. Includes autobiographical essays, sixty-three editorials written for the Richmond Examiner during the war, and a series of his reflections on the war written thirty years later. The latter pieces "are frequently vitriolic attacks not only on the evil and immoral Yankees, miscegenation, Jews, and critics of slavery, but also on Jefferson Davis, his hapless Confederate administration, and the struggling Southern armies."--Jacket.

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