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City Lights

Author : Dan Barry
ISBN : 1429933941
Genre : History
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With a poet's clear eye and a journalist's curiosity about how a city works, Dan Barry shows us New York as no other writer has seen it. Evocative, intimate, piercing, and often funny, the essays in City Lights capture everyday life in the city at its most ordinary and extraordinary. Wandering the city as a columnist for The New York Times, Barry visits the denizens of the Fulton Fish Market on the eve of its closing; journeys with an obsessed guide through the secret underground of abandoned subway stops, tunnels, and aqueducts; touches down in bars, hospitals, churches, diners, pools, zoos, memorabilia-stuffed apartments, at births and funerals, the places where people gather, are welcomed, or depart; talks to the ex-athlete who caught the falling baby, the performance artist who works as a mermaid, the octogenarian dancers who find quiet joy in their partnership, and the guy who waves flags over the Cross-Bronx Expressway to wish drivers safe passage. Along the way, Barry offers glimpses of New York's distant and recent past. He explains why the dust-coated wishbones hanging above the bar at McSorley's Old Ale House belong to the doughboy ghosts of World War I. He recalls a century of grandeur at the Plaza Hotel through the tales of longtime doormen who will soon be out of a job. He finds that an old man's quiet death opens back into a past that the man had spent his life denying. And, from the vantage of the Circle Line cruise around Manhattan, he joins tourists as they try to make sense of still-smoldering ruins in Lower Manhattan three weeks after September 11, 2001. Each story in City Lights illuminates New York, as it was and as it is: always changing, always losing and renewing parts of itself, every street corner an opportunity for surprise and revelation.

Dark City Lights

Author : Lawrence Block
ISBN : 1941110215
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 68 MB
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"A kaleidoscopic look at modern New York City-- from gritty streets to high-rise luxury-- in a collection of twenty-three original short stories, hand-picked by guest editor Lawrence Block" --

Die Stadt Der Engel

Author : Elaine Kagan
ISBN : 9783688104949
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77. 47 MB
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Der große Traum von einem besseren Leben Drei Frauen träumen in Hollywood den Traum von Geld, Glück und Ruhm. Aber das Leben spielt nicht so einfach mit. Jungfilmstar Chassi leidet unter Depressionen und ihrer glanzvollen Mutter. Ihre Psychologin Eleanor bringt für die junge Frau erstaunlich mütterliche Gefühle auf, mehr als für die eigene Tochter. Und die Kellnerin Ionie hüpft durch die Betten, um eine Schauspielkarriere zu machen. Der Zufall verwebt ihre turbulenten Schicksale, und plötzlich stehen sich Chassi und Ionie als Konkurrentinnen gegenüber.

City Lights Stories

Author : Regenerate
ISBN : 9781475978001
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 29. 28 MB
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You are holding a collection of stories, the aim of this collection is to equip and inspire you to make a positive impact in your own community, through relationships and creative initiatives. In this material, you will read about Dave and Will who developed gardens on wasteland in inner city London council estates, encouraging residents to be part of the process of renewal and creativity by growing plants and vegetables. Will hosts community harvest feasts, bringing together local residents to eat their own locally-grown produce. Andy in his 20s, started a lunch club for isolated elderly people, rallying his student friends to help serve homemade meals in a borrowed church hall. Pauline responded to a news bulletin about the lack of housing for refugees and asylum seekers, by setting up homes across North London to provide safe housing. Annie set up regular meals in her church building for homeless people and rough sleepers. Mark started a football club for local lads from an estate in London, most of whom were from extremely difficult backgrounds and not in education or employment. Countless others have weeded gardens for families referred by social services, mentored children in foster care and painted a wall in a refuge. Abroad, Mick and Ruby moved into an inner city slum community in the heart of Manilla for 9 years with their young children. At the heart of City Lights are stories and friendships. Find out more about City Lights.

Falscher Ort Falsche Zeit

Author : Walter Mosley
ISBN : 9783518755808
Genre : Fiction
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Die Machenschaften eines dubiosen Auftraggebers zwingen Leonid McGill in das dunkle Herz Manhattans hinab. Dabei müßte der Privatdetektiv erst einmal darüber hinwegkommen, daß seine Geliebte einen Neuen hat, und verhindern, daß seine Söhne kriminell werden. Als er bei seinen Ermittlungen durch Zufall in einen Mord verwickelt wird, hat er dann aber doch ganz andere Sorgen ... Leonid McGills Familie ist alles andere als harmonisch: Seine Frau Kathrina liebt er nicht, zwei von drei Kindern sind nicht von ihm, und sein einziger leiblicher Sohn haßt ihn. Doch Harmonie ist ohnehin Leonids Sache nicht. Dafür hat er sich früher zu oft und zu lange mit den falschen Leuten eingelassen. Einer von ihnen ist Alphonse Rinaldo, der Mann, der in New York die Strippen zieht. Und auch wenn man besser vermeiden sollte, einen Auftrag von Rinaldo anzunehmen, ist es genauso wenig ratsam, einen solchen auszuschlagen. Leonid macht sich also auf die Suche nach der Frau, die dem Strippenzieher Sorgen bereitet. Und prompt findet er sich als Hauptverdächtiger in einem Mordfall wieder.

The Cambridge Companion To The Modern Gothic

Author : Jerrold E. Hogle
ISBN : 9781316194355
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 40. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This Companion explores the many ways in which the Gothic has dispersed in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and in particular how it has come to offer a focus for the tensions inherent in modernity. Fourteen essays by world-class experts show how the Gothic in numerous forms - including literature, film, television, and cyberspace - helps audiences both to distance themselves from and to deal with some of the key underlying problems of modern life. Topics discussed include the norms and shifting boundaries of sex and gender, the explosion of different forms of media and technology, the mixture of cultures across the western world, the problem of identity for the modern individual, what people continue to see as evil, and the very nature of modernity. Also including a chronology and guide to further reading, this volume offers a comprehensive account of the importance of Gothic to modern life and thought.

David Bergelson

Author : Joseph Sherman
ISBN : 9781905981120
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 52. 22 MB
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Among the finest prose stylists in Yiddish literature, David Bergelson (1884-1952) was caught up in many of the twentieth century's most defining events. In 1909 he emerged as a pioneer of modernist prose, observing the slow decay of the Tsarist empire. In 1917 he welcomed the Revolution, but the bloodshed of the ensuing Civil War and the dogmatism of the Bolsheviks drove him to emigration. For more than a decade (1921-1934), he lived in Weimar Germany, travelling extensively in Europe and the United States. Shocked by the Wall Street Crash of 1929, disheartened by the decline of Yiddish culture in the West, and inspired by Soviet promises to create a Jewish republic, Bergelson became a Communist sympathiser and moved towards socialist realism. Returning to the Soviet Union after Hitler's rise to power, Bergelson flourished in a state-sponsored cultural environment in which his work was widely read both in Yiddish and in Russian translation. After Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, Bergelson became a prominent member of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, writing extensively about the Holocaust. In the paranoia of the Cold War years, the Stalinist regime accused him of anti-Soviet activities and, after a secret military trial he was executed on 12 August 1952, his 68th birthday.For years, critics have argued that Bergelson produced his best work before the Revolution, and afterwards largely wrote Communist propaganda. David Bergelson: From Modernism to Socialist Realism challenges this view by examining Bergelson's entire oeuvre. The book argues that Bergelson continually reinvented himself as a writer, experimenting with style and narrative technique even under the most severe restrictions of Party dogma. With contributions from an international team of Bergelson experts, the volume offers a full-length biography, the first complete bibliography of Bergelson's work, translations of two of his most influential programmatic articles, and a range of essays dealing with all periods of the writer's life.With the contributions:Joseph Sherman -- David Bergelson (1884-1952): A BiographyLev Bergelson -- Memories of My Father: The Early Years (1918-1934)Daniela Mantovan -- Language and Style in Nokh alemen (1913): Bergelson's Debt to FlaubertKerstin Hoge -- For Children and Adults Alike: Reading Bergelson's 'Children's Stories' (1914-1919) as Narratives of Identity FormationSeth L. Wolitz -- Yoysef Shor (1922): Between Two WorldsSasha Senderovich -- In Search of Readership: Bergelson Among the Refugees (1928)Mikhail Krutikov -- Narrating the Revolution: From 'Tsugvintn' (1922) to Mides-hadin (1929)Ellen Kellman -- Uneasy Patronage: Bergelson's Years at Forverts (1922-1926)Gennady Estraikh -- David Bergelson in and on America (1929-1949)Ber Boris Kotlerman -- 'Why I am in Favour of Birobidzhan': Bergelson's Fateful Decision (1932)Harriet Murav -- Memory and Monument in Baym Dnyepr (1932-1940)David Shneer -- From Mourning to Vengeance: Bergelson's Holocaust Journalism (1941-1945)Jeffrey Veidlinger -- 'Du lebst, mayn folk': Bergelson's Play Prints Ruveni in Historical Context (1944-1947)Joseph Sherman -- 'Jewish Nationalism' in Bergelson's Last Book (1947)Roberta Saltzman -- A Bibliography of David Bergelson's Work in Yiddish and EnglishDavid Bergelson -- Appendix A. Belles-lettres and the Social Order (1919)David Bergelson -- Appendix B. Three Centres (Characteristics) (1926)

Das Geheul Und Andere Gedichte

Author : Allen Ginsberg
ISBN : 3809021458
Genre :
File Size : 73. 65 MB
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The Beats A Very Short Introduction

Author : David Sterritt
ISBN : 9780199344314
Genre : History
File Size : 50. 87 MB
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In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the writers of the Beat Generation revolutionized American literature with their iconoclastic approach to language and their angry assault on the conformity and conservatism of postwar society. They and their followers took aim at the hypocrisy and taboos of their time--particularly those involving sex, race, and class--in such provocative works as Jack Kerouac's On the Road (1957), Allen Ginsberg's "Howl" (1956), and William S. Burroughs's Naked Lunch (1959). In this Very Short Introduction, David Sterritt offers a concise overview of the social, cultural, and aesthetic sensibilities of the Beats, bringing out the similarities that connected them and also the many differences that made them a loosely knit collective rather than an organized movement. Figures in the saga include Neal Cassady, Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, John Clellon Holmes, Carolyn Cassady, and Gary Snyder. As Sterritt ranges from Greenwich Village and San Francisco to Mexico, western Europe, and North Africa, he sheds much light on how the Beats approached literature, drugs, sexuality, art, music, and religion. Members of the Beat Generation hoped that their radical rejection of materialism, consumerism, and regimentation would inspire others to purify their lives and souls as well. Yet they urged the remaking of consciousness on a profoundly inward-looking basis, cultivating "the unspeakable visions of the individual," in Kerouac's phrase. The idea was to revolutionize society by revolutionizing thought, not the other way around. This book explains how the Beats used their antiauthoritarian visions and radical styles to challenge dominant values, fending off absorption into mainstream culture while preparing ground for the larger, more explosive social upheavals of the 1960s. More than half a century later, the Beats' impact can still be felt in literature, cinema, music, theater, and the visual arts. This compact introduction explains why. About the Series: Oxford's Very Short Introductions series offers concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects--from Islam to Sociology, Politics to Classics, Literary Theory to History, and Archaeology to the Bible. Not simply a textbook of definitions, each volume in this series provides trenchant and provocative--yet always balanced and complete--discussions of the central issues in a given discipline or field. Every Very Short Introduction gives a readable evolution of the subject in question, demonstrating how the subject has developed and how it has influenced society. Eventually, the series will encompass every major academic discipline, offering all students an accessible and abundant reference library. Whatever the area of study that one deems important or appealing, whatever the topic that fascinates the general reader, the Very Short Introductions series has a handy and affordable guide that will likely prove indispensable.

Die Niedrigen Himmel

Author : Anthony Marra
ISBN : 9783518737026
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Anthony Marras atemberaubender Debütroman Die niedrigen Himmel erzählt von menschlicher Grausamkeit und davon, was sie aus uns macht. Und von Liebe und Humanität, die alles überdauern. Die achtjährige Hawah muss mit ansehen, wie die Föderalen ihren Vater verschleppen und ihr Haus niederbrennen, in einem kleinen Dorf in Tschetschenien, mitten im Krieg. Auch hinter dem Mädchen sind sie her. Ihr Nachbar, Achmed, rettet sie aus ihrem Versteck und bringt sie zum nächsten Krankenhaus. Dort treffen sie auf die Ärztin Sonja, die Hawah widerwillig aufnimmt. Doch schon bald geht es auch für Sonja nur noch darum, das Leben des Mädchens zu retten. Denn in einer Welt, in der alles zerbrochen ist und Freunde zu Wölfen werden, hilft nur das unbedingte Festhalten an dem, was uns zu Menschen macht: Mitgefühl und Liebe.

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