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Chinese Education And Society

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Genre : Education
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Education And Society In Post Mao China

Author : Edward Vickers
ISBN : 9781351719735
Genre : Education
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The post-Mao period has witnessed rapid social and economic transformation in all walks of Chinese life – much of it fuelled by, or reflected in, changes to the country’s education system. This book analyses the development of that system since the abandonment of radical Maoism and the inauguration of ‘Reform and Opening’ in the late 1970s. The principal focus is on formal education in schools and conventional institutions of tertiary education, but there is also some discussion of preschools, vocational training, and learning in non-formal contexts. The book begins with a discussion of the historical and comparative context for evaluating China’s educational ‘achievements’, followed by an extensive discussion of the key transitions in education policymaking during the ‘Reform and Opening’ period. This informs the subsequent examination of changes affecting the different phases of education from preschool to tertiary level. There are also chapters dealing specifically with the financing and administration of schooling, curriculum development, the public examinations system, the teaching profession, the phenomenon of marketisation, and the ‘international dimension’ of Chinese education. The book concludes with an assessment of the social consequences of educational change in the post-Mao era and a critical discussion of the recent fashion in certain Western countries for hailing China as an educational model. The analysis is supported by a wealth of sources – primary and secondary, textual and statistical – and is informed by both authors’ wide-ranging experience of Chinese education. As the first monograph on China's educational development during the forty years of the post-Mao era, this book will be essential reading for all those seeking to understand the world’s largest education system. It will also be crucial reference for educational comparativists, and for scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds researching contemporary Chinese society.

Family Strategies Guanxi And School Success In Rural China

Author : Ailei Xie
ISBN : 9781317555148
Genre : Education
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Research in school success in contemporary China has argued that market reforms have reproduced the advantages for children from the cadre and the professional families while simultaneously creating new opportunities for children of the new arising economic elites. However, it has performed less for traditional peasant families. This book places a special emphasis on how rural parents from different social backgrounds use guanxi (interpersonal social networks) to maintain the interconnectedness between their families and schools to create advantages for their children in school success. It investigates, by an ethnographic study in a rural county in middle China, how families from different social backgrounds within rural society get involved in the schooling of their children and how this contributes to different patterns of school success. The book argues that schools provide few formal and routine channels for rural parents to become involved in their children’s schooling. This raises the importance of family strategic initiatives to employ guanxi in the creation of advantages for their children’s school success. It concludes with discussions about guanxi as an important mechanism for social exclusion in post-socialist China. Chapters include: Family Strategies, Parental Involvement, and School Success The Roles of Parents: Voices of Parents in Zong Regarding School Involvement Policy Discourses: Missing the Link between Family and School Peasants: Family and Kinship The Blurring Division between Home and School This concise and comprehensive book is a qualitative study that will appeal to researchers and advance students in Chinese education and society.

Student Learning And Development In Chinese Higher Education

Author : Yuhao Cen
ISBN : 9781317444176
Genre : Education
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This book provides an essential source for higher education teachers and student affair professionals in China and around the globe, who seek to deepen their understanding of Chinese undergraduate students they work with so as to promote their learning and development. Drawn from interview data with 64 college students in five colleges along with survey data with more than 23,000 students from 21 institutions in mainland China, this book examines student learning and college experiences from the students’ own perspectives. Researchers with a focus on Chinese higher education have reported on large-scale student surveys that have sprouted in recent years. While these surveys facilitate national and international comparison, uphold academic rigor and shift institutional attention towards student learning, this book will investigate the same important topic but with a different approach that seeks to understand college student life as told by themselves. Beyond Subject Matters: What I Have Learned in College? Student Learning and Development in Curricular Programs Student Learning and Development in Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities Student Learning and Development at Work, at Play and in Relationships c

Chinese Education And Society A Bibliographic Guide

Author : Stewart E Fraser
ISBN : 9781351714723
Genre : History
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This title was first published in 1972: This bibliography is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference work available on developments in Chinese education since 1966. In addition to primary materials from the people's Republic of China, the entries are drawn from other Asian sources, as well as from American and European studies. All levels and major fields of education are covered, and the pervasive impact of idealogy and politics on education is carefully documented. Most entries are fully annotated , and many are cross listed. Professors Fraser and Hsu have prepared a lengthy introduction which provides valuable information on the research centers, journals and publishing/translating agencies active in the field.

Education And Society In Hong Kong And Macao

Author : M. Bray
ISBN : 9781402044496
Genre : Education
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Hong Kong and Macao have much in common. The dominant populations in both territories are Cantonese-speaking Chinese; both are small in area; both are urban societies; both have been colonies of European powers; and both have undergone political transition to reunification with China. Yet in education, for reasons that are analysed in this book, they are very different. The patters of similarities and differences in the two territories make a fascinating basis for comparative study. The overarching theme of the book, on continuity and change is particularly pertinent following the transition of the two societies of the postcolonial era. This thoroughly-revised and expanded second edition builds on the widely-acclaimed first edition. The work has been recognised as a significant contribution to the broad field of comparative education as well as to study of the specific societies which are its main focus.

Handbook Of Education In China

Author : W. John Morgan
ISBN : 9781783470662
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The Handbook of Education in China provides both a comprehensive overview and an original interpretation of key aspects of education in the People’s Republic of China. It has four parts: The Historical Background; The Contemporary Chinese System; Problems and Policies; The Special Administrative Regions: Macau and Hong Kong. The Handbook is an essential reference for those interested in Chinese education; as well as a comprehensive textbook that provides valuable supplementary material for those studying Chinese politics, economy, culture and society more generally.

The Impact And Transformation Of Education Policy In China

Author : Tiedan Huang
ISBN : 9781780521862
Genre : Education
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This volume of the International Perspectives on Education and Society is the only book publishing research that traces the evolution of China's educational policy changes in the past three decades during which China experienced the greatest social-economic transformation; invites scholarship that examines a comprehensive set of variables at various levels of Chinese educational institutions; focuses on the intricacy of relationships among global and local contexts, educational policy transformations, and changes in the various aspects of schooling and the Chinese educational system.

Text In Education And Society

Author : Desmond Allison
ISBN : 9971692228
Genre : Education
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The central place of ?text? as a means of organising language in order to construct what people come to think of as ?knowledge? is a phenomenon affecting all educators, students, and citizens of modern societies. This volume offers various voices and perspectives including those of Ron Carter and Michael Halliday on the role of text in education and society. The chapters on text in education explore some ways in which texts can create bonds or raise barriers between educational knowledge and common-sense knowledge, while the chapters on text in society focus on how personalities and societies are themselves constructed through texts. Learning to unpack texts, and to consider alternatives, is a crucial goal for education and growth, especially so in the context of fast-changing contemporary societies.This book should be of special interest to educators, students of language, and readers interested in the dynamic relationship between text, education and society.

Governing Educational Desire

Author : Andrew B. Kipnis
ISBN : 9780226437552
Genre : Education
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Parents in China greatly value higher education for their children, but the intensity and effects of their desire to achieve this goal have largely gone unexamined—until now. Governing Educational Desire explores the cultural, political, and economic origins of Chinese desire for a college education as well as its vast consequences, which include household and national economic priorities, birthrates, ethnic relations, and patterns of governance. Where does this desire come from? Andrew B. Kipnis approaches this question in four different ways. First, he investigates the role of local context by focusing on family and community dynamics in one Chinese county, Zouping. Then, he widens his scope to examine the provincial and national governmental policies that affect educational desire. Next, he explores how contemporary governing practices were shaped by the Confucian examination system, uncovering the historical forces at work in the present. Finally, he looks for the universal in the local, considering the ways aspects of educational desire in Zouping spread throughout China and beyond. In doing so, Kipnis provides not only an illuminating analysis of education in China but also a thought-provoking reflection on what educational desire can tell us about the relationship between culture and government.

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