chemistry and technology of surfactants

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Chemistry And Technology Of Surfactants

Author : Richard J. Farn
ISBN : 9781405171793
Genre : Science
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Surfactants are used throughout industry as components in a hugerange of formulated products or as effect chemicals in theproduction or processing of other materials. A detailedunderstanding of the basis of their activity is required by allthose who use surfactants, yet the new graduate or postgraduatechemist or chemical engineer will generally have little or noexperience of how and why surfactants work. Chemistry & Technology of Surfactants is aimed at newgraduate or postgraduate level chemists and chemical engineers atthe beginning their industrial careers and those in later life whobecome involved with surfactants for the first time. The book is astraightforward and practical survey of the chemistry ofsurfactants and their uses, providing a basic introduction tosurfactant theory, information on the various types of surfactantand some application details. This will allow readers to build ontotheir scientific education the concepts and principles on which thesuccessful use of surfactants, across a wide range of industries,is based.

Chemical Formulation

Author : Anthony Edward Hargreaves
ISBN : 0854046356
File Size : 66. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Bridging the gap between theory and application, this book will be invaluable to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of applied chemistry.

Surfactant Science And Technology

Author : Drew Myers
ISBN : 9780471746065
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42. 33 MB
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A general introduction to surfactants, surface activity, andsurfactant applications Important advances in the tools available for studying the activityof surfactants has significantly increased scientific understandingof interfaces at the molecular level. However, there is still muchto be learned. In this Third Edition of the successful classic,author and expert Drew Myers combines the latest informationavailable in the field of surfactants with his original, accessibletext on the subject. Now fully updated to reflect recent developments in working withsurfactants in both model and practical systems, the Third Editionof Surfactant Science and Technology provides a solid introductionto the field of surfactant science. Written especially forbeginners and nonspecialists who would like a practical but notnecessarily comprehensive knowledge of the field, this clear,cogent text conveys the most fundamental and useful concepts ofsurfactant action and application. New chapters bring readers up todate on current biological and medical applications of surfactants,as well as applications in food science, cosmetics, and otherareas. In addition to new chapters, Surfactant Science and Technologyincludes illustrative problems at the end of each chapter. Theseproblems explain concepts discussed and stimulate imaginativesolutions on the part of the reader. A helpful bibliography ofsupplementary resources for readers who desire more detail has alsobeen included. Surfactant Science and Technology, Third Edition is an invaluableresource for surface and polymer chemists, chemical and industrialengineers, and a wide range of chemistry students.

Design And Selection Of Performance Surfactants

Author : David R. Karsa
ISBN : 0849397421
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 32 MB
Format : PDF
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Design and Selection of Performance Surfactants is the resource for clear, informative, in-depth reviews of the most topical areas of surfactant science and technology. This is the second volume in an annual series already recognized as an essential resource for major developments in the field. Topics in this volume include spontaneous polymerization in organized micellar media, the catalytic and kinetic effects in ethoxylation processes, narrow and secondary alcohol ethoxylates, plus the latest advances in flurosurfactants and carbohydrate-derived surfactants. Further readings cover the cutting-edge, microbial and enzymatic production of biosurfactants advances in the computer modeling of surfactants. International contributors detail the latest applications in oil drilling, floor polishes, and food emulsification. Science and industry are constantly refining research and finding new applications for surface chemical technology. Reading Design and Selection of Performance Surfactants is the most efficient and accessible way for chemists, researchers, and manufacturers to stay abreast of the latest developments.

Chemistry And Technology Of Oils Fats

Author : M.M. Chakrabarty
ISBN : 9788177644951
Genre :
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The purpose of the book is to provide its readers a comprehensive background and information about developments in the areas of fat science and fat technology. The book tries to provide information pertaining to both basic and technological aspects and to embrace new technology, like biotechnology, that the enormous commercial importance and potential in the 21st century. The book will help better understanding of extraction technology and would be useful to students & other readers involved in the area of refining.

Surfactants In Consumer Products

Author : Jürgen Falbe
ISBN : 9783642715457
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 69 MB
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In to days market, custom formulated surfactants are offered for a wide range of applications. The need for surfactants in detergents, cleaning agents, cosmetics & toiletries is second only to an expanding demand in industrial applications. But even within the non-industrial areas the demands have undergone significant changes in recent years. For example, washing and cleaning temperatures have substantially decreased with increased energy conservation attitudes, and more stringent regulatory requirements in the area of ecology and toxicology are leading to new product profiles. New manufacturing technologies and an increased utilization of natural raw materials also factor into this continuing evolution. These changes and trends have been described in numerous publications. However, a summary and survey of these developments is currently missing. The book presented here "Surfactants in Consumer Products" is intended to close this gap. The editor and authors dedicate this work to Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Henkel on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Dr. Henkel, himself a scientist and industrialist, contributed signifi cantly to developments in the surfactant field. In the nineteen-fifties, he initiated the change from soap based detergents to synthetic detergents within Henkel. At the same time, dishwashing detergents utilizing various synthetic surfactants were also developed, and became the basis for modem manual and mechanical dishwashing.

Anionic Surfactants

Author : Helmut W. Stache
ISBN : 0824793943
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 49 MB
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This work presents a comprehensive survey of important anionic surfactants. It delineates current manufacturing technologies, methods of analysis, practical applications, environmental behaviour and the physicochemical and toxicological properties of surfactants and their related by-products. The uses of anionic surfactants in the cleaning, cosmetic, textile, leather, food, petroleum, metalworking and paper industries, are encompassed.

Chemistry And Technology Of The Cosmetics And Toiletries Industry

Author : S.D. Williams
ISBN : 0751403342
Genre : Medical
File Size : 35. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This second edition has been designed to monitor the progress in develop ment over the past few years and to build on the information given in the first edition. It has been extensively revised and updated. My thanks go to all who have contributed to this work. D.F.W. May 1996 Preface to the first edition This book is the result of a group of development scientists feeling that there was an urgent need for a reference work that would assist chemists in understanding the science involved in the development of new products. The approach is to inform in a way that allows and encourages the reader to develop his or her own creativity in working with marketing colleagues on the introduction of new products. Organised on a product category basis, emphasis is placed on formulation, selection of raw materials, and the technology of producing the products discussed. Performance considerations, safety, product liability and all aspects of quality are covered. Regulations governing the production and sale of cosmetic products internationally are described, and sources for updated information provided. Throughout the book, reference is made to consumer pressure and environmental issues-concerns which the development scientist and his or her marketing counterpart ignore at their own, and their employer's peril. In recent years, many cosmetic fragrances and toiletry products have been converted from aerosols to mechanically press uri sed products or sprays, and these are described along with foam products such as hair conditioning mousses.

Chemical Formulation

Author : Anthony E Hargreaves
ISBN : 9781847550385
Genre : Education
File Size : 83. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Chemical formulation can be traced back to Stone Age times, when hunter-gatherers attached flint arrowheads to shafts using a resin made from birch bark and beeswax. Today, formulated preparations are part of everyday life. Formulations based on surfactants are by far the most prolific, from shampoos and shower gels to emulsion paint and polishes. This book discusses the chemical technology of surfactants and related chemicals, using over forty examples of everyday products. Some basic theory on surface chemistry, molecular interactions and surfactant function is included to aid understanding. Chemical Formulation: An Overview of Surfactant-based Preparations Used in Everyday Life then goes on to look at wider aspects such as surfactant manufacture, raw materials, environment, sustainability, analysis and testing. Throughout, common chemical names are used for formulation chemicals, further aiding the readability of the book. Bridging the gap between theory and application, this book will be invaluable to anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of applied chemistry, including students on A level, BTEC and technician courses. It will also be of benefit to those new to the formulation industry.

Chemistry And Technology Of Agrochemical Formulations

Author : A. Knowles
ISBN : 9789401149563
Genre : Science
File Size : 84. 26 MB
Format : PDF
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Agrochemical products and adjuvants are of vital importance in agriculture, to protect food and fibre crops from weeds, insect pests and diseases, in order to feed and clothe the growing world population. In recent years there have been increasing pressures to produce agrochemical formulations which have a lower environmental impact and are safer in use. Enormous changes have taken place in the chemistry and technology of agrochemicals over the last twenty years or so and this book provides a timely review of the most important area of technology in the development of new products. This book covers issues around international product quality and safety standards and describes the current and likely future trends which will carry the industry forward into the next millennium. It brings together well known international experts with many years of practical experience from agrochemical companies, consultancies, academic institutions and regulatory bodies. Chemists and technologists involved in developing new or improved agrochemical formulations will find this book an essential reference in the course of their work. The book will also be of interest to those working in research and development departments of raw material suppliers, as a concise review of this important field.

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