brandishing the first amendment commercial expression in america

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Brandishing The First Amendment

Author : Tamara Piety
ISBN : 9780472117925
Genre : Law
File Size : 22. 34 MB
Format : PDF
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Tamara R. Piety argues that increasingly expansive First Amendment protections for commercial speech imperil public health, safety, and welfare; the reliability of commercial and consumer information; the stability of financial markets; and the global environment. Using evidence from public relations and marketing, behavioral economics, psychology, and cognitive studies, she shows how overly permissive extensions of protections to commercial expression limit governmental power to address a broad range of public policy issues.

Legal And Ethical Considerations For Public Relations

Author : Karla K. Gower
ISBN : 9781478636915
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Public relations frequently reflects the conscience of an organization. Public relations professionals must ask the right questions when advising organizations on the best ways to protect themselves from damage or liability. A better understanding of ethics helps formulate those questions and educate management on the ethical consequences of corporate action. Karla Gower has updated Legal and Ethical Considerations for Public Relations to reflect recent case law and the prevalence of social media in our lives and in public relations practice. She considers ethical standards, the development of First Amendment law, corporate and commercial speech, lobbying, protecting creative property, and other specific areas of the law. In addition, Gower highlights important cases and breaks down how their decisions have impacted current law. Readers will learn to collaboratively resolve corporate crises not just in the classroom, but throughout their professional careers.

What Is Wrong With The First Amendment

Author : Steven H. Shiffrin
ISBN : 9781107160965
Genre : Law
File Size : 77. 98 MB
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This book argues that America's relationship with the First Amendment jeopardizes privacy, equality, fair trials and democracy.

Freedom Of Commercial Expression

Author : Roger A. Shiner
ISBN : 0198262612
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 87. 2 MB
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'Shiner presents his case forcefully and, in the main, entirely persuasively... Shiner's is a work of conceptual dissection, done with the kind of care that forestalls the hypnotic effects. The book is filled with extremely precise formulations... Anyone interested in the philosophical underpinnings of the arguments about protecting commercial expression must now start with this book.' -Law and Politics Book ReviewCourts in the United States, Canada, and Europe currently grant constitutional protection to commercial advertising. This book examines critically the case for freedom of commercial expression. Roger Shiner argues that the institutional history of such protection is one of ad hoc, not logical, development, and that even from within liberal democratic theory, freedom of commercial expression cannot be justified as a constitutional right.Readership: Academics, practitioners and judges in the fields of human rights, commercial law, constitutional law and legal philosophy, political theory, and business

Mrs Shipley S Ghost

Author : Jeffrey Kahn
ISBN : 9780472118588
Genre : Law
File Size : 30. 30 MB
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An engaging exploration of the legal and policy questions surrounding U.S. national security and international travel

The First Amendment

Author : Ronald J. Krotoszynski
ISBN : 9781454836056
Genre : Law
File Size : 54. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Cases and doctrinal developments in The First Amendment: Cases and Theory are presented in historical context so that students may understand the Supreme Court's evolving tests, standards, and approaches to the Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition, and Religion Clauses in historical context through lightly edited cases. Engaging problems help students apply legal concepts in real situations. All the major contemporary free speech controversies are covered, including conflicts between free speech and national security, equality, civility, and other values, with particular attention to how these conflicts are playing out in the Internet context. Introductory chapters set the stage, and brief chapter overviews introduce the main themes and doctrines to improve student learning from the cases. The First Amendment: Cases and Theory is teachable in a standard three-hour survey course. It is also useful as a casebook for specialized offerings on the Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition Clauses, or the Religion Clauses. The Second Edition features major First Amendment cases that have come down since 2007: Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn (taxpayer standing to challenge tax credits for religious schooling); Arizona Free Speech Club v. Bennett (equalization of ampaign expenditures); Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association (violent video games and children); Christian Legal Society v. Martinez (college and university student organization antidiscrimination policies); Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (direct corporate electoral expenditures); Davis v. Federal Election Commission (equalization of candidate campaign expenditures); Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (material support of terrorism federal law and free speech); Pleasant Grove v. Summum (public forums and monuments); Salazar v. Buono (government speech in a government park); Snyder v. Phelps (offensive funeral protests); Sorrell v. IMS Health (data mining as speech); United States v. Stevens (depictions of animal cruelty); and United States v. Williams (solicitations of child pornography.) New issues of First Amendment law such as The Stolen Valor Act are included in a refined presentation, strategically edited for greater clarity. Features: cases and developments in doctrine presented in historical context comprehensive coverage of all major First Amendment cases and doctrines, including materials on both expressive freedoms and also on the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses lightly edited cases to enhance student comprehension in a complex area of constitutional law engaging problems help students apply legal concepts addresses major contemporary free speech controversies conflicts between free speech and national security free speech and equality free speech and the Internet introductory chapters on free speech, establishment of religion, and free exercise set the stage brief chapter overviews introduce main themes and doctrines to improve student learning from cases flexible use o teachable in a standard three-hour survey course use as casebook for specialized offerings on the Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition Clauses, or Religion Clauses Thoroughly updated, the revised Second Edition presents: major First Amendment cases that have come down since 2007 o Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn (taxpayer standing to challenge tax credits for religious schooling)

Corporations Are People Too

Author : Kent Greenfield
ISBN : 9780300211474
Genre : Law
File Size : 45. 56 MB
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Why we're better off treating corporations as people under the law--and making them behave like citizens Are corporations people? The U.S. Supreme Court launched a heated debate when it ruled in Citizens United that corporations can claim the same free speech rights as humans. Should corporations be able to claim rights of free speech, religious conscience, and due process? Kent Greenfield provides an answer: Sometimes. With an analysis sure to challenge the assumptions of both progressives and conservatives, Greenfield explores corporations' claims to constitutional rights and the foundational conflicts about their obligations in society. He argues that a blanket opposition to corporate personhood is misguided, since it is consistent with both the purpose of corporations and the Constitution itself that corporations can claim rights at least some of the time. The problem with Citizens United is not that corporations have a right to speak, but for whom they speak. The solution is not to end corporate personhood but to require corporations to act more like citizens.

First Amendment Cases Problems Materials

Author : Russell L. Weaver
ISBN : 9780769891293
Genre : Law
File Size : 68. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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In creating this book, the authors of The First Amendment sought to create a "teacher's book" - a book that is easy to use, that produces rewarding classroom discussion, and that enables students to learn the concepts, doctrines, and analytical tools that underlie the First Amendment. It is designed to help students understand First Amendment theory, lead students to greater insights, generate classroom interactivity, and facilitate effective and inspired learning. It accomplishes these objectives through the inclusion of problems. The problems are designed to illustrate and clarify doctrinal principles and conflicts, place students in real-life litigation scenarios, help students view First Amendment issues in modern and historical context, and prepare students for actual practice. Some problems raise questions about ambiguous doctrines, while others ask students to apply existing doctrine to new situations. Most problems place students in the position of a lawyer and ask them to explain how they might argue a particular case (e.g., what facts or arguments they might use in support of their positions). The ultimate objective is to advance student ability to solve problems using critical thinking and thereby accelerate development of a core lawyering skill. Tradeoffs are necessary for any constitutional law casebook, and this book is no different. Although it includes the landmark cases, it does not attempt to catalog every decision (even every United States Supreme Court ruling) in each of the relevant areas. The authors have chosen cases for a variety of reasons: because they are modern cases that reflect the current state of the law; because they are "landmarks" that students need to read and understand; or because (even though they might be older cases) they provide critical context or enrich understanding and perspective. The accompanying Teacher's Manual helps familiarize teachers with the subject matter, summarizes the cases, suggests doctrinal or theoretical approaches, offers options on how the book can best be used in class, and provides answers to the problems presented in the casebook. Professors and adjunct professors may request complimentary examination copies of LexisNexis law school publications to consider for class adoption or recommendation. Please identify the book(s) you wish to receive, provide your institutional contact information, and submit your request here.

Blurring The Lines

Author : Maria Edström
ISBN : 9187957361
Genre : Business ethics
File Size : 47. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Racial Glass Ceiling

Author : Roy L. Brooks
ISBN : 9780300223309
Genre : Law
File Size : 56. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A compelling study of a subtle and insidious form of racial inequality in American law and culture. Why does racial equality continue to elude African Americans even after the election of a black president? Liberals blame white racism while conservatives blame black behavior. Both define the race problem in socioeconomic terms, mainly citing jobs, education, and policing. Roy Brooks, a distinguished legal scholar, argues that the reality is more complex. He defines the race problem African Americans face today as a three-headed hydra involving socioeconomic, judicial, and cultural conditions. Focusing on law and culture, Brooks defines the problem largely as racial subordination--"the act of impeding racial progress in pursuit of nonracist interests." Racial subordination is little understood and underacknowledged, yet it produces devastating and even deadly racial consequences that affect both poor and socioeconomically successful African Americans. Brooks addresses a serious problem, in many ways more dangerous than overt racism, and offers a well-reasoned solution that draws upon the strongest virtues America has exhibited to the world.

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