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Black Male D Peril And Promise In The Education Of African American Males

Author : Tyrone C. Howard
ISBN : 9780807754900
Genre : Education
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In his new book, the author of the bestseller Why Race and Culture Matter in Schools examines the chronic under-performance of African American males in U.S. schools. Citing a plethora of disturbing academic outcomes for Black males, this book focuses on the historical, structural, educational, psychological, emotional, and cultural factors that influence the teaching and learning process for this student population. Howard discusses the potential, and promise of Black males by highlighting their voices to generate new insights, create new knowledge, and identify useful practices that can significantly improve the schooling experiences and life chances of Black males. Howard calls for a paradigm shift in how we think about, teach, and study Black males. The book: examines current structures, ideologies, and practices that both help and hinder the educational and social prospects of Black males; translates frequently cited theorectical principles into research-based classroom practice; documents teacher-student interactions, student viewpoints, and discusses the troubling role that sports plays in th lives of many Black males; highlights voices and perspectives from Black male students about ways to improve their schooling experiences and outcomes; and identifies community-based programs that are helping Black males succeed.

The Black Male Handbook

Author : Kevin Powell
ISBN : 1439134960
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48. 79 MB
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Author and activist Kevin Powell and contributors Lasana Omar Hotep, Jeff Johnson, Byron Hurt, Dr. William Jelani Cobb, Ryan Mack, Kendrick B. Nathaniel, and Dr. Andre L. Brown tap into the social and political climate rising in the African American community with this collection of essays for Black males on surviving, living, and winning. The Black Male Handbook answers a collective hunger for new direction, fresh solutions to old problems, and a different kind of conversation—man-to-man and with Black male voices, all of the hip hop generation. The book tackles issues related to political, practical, cultural, and spiritual matters, and ending violence against women and girls. The book also features an appendix filled with useful readings, advice, and resources. The Black Male Handbook is a blueprint for those aspiring to thrive against the odds in America today. This is a must-have book, not only for Black male readers, but the women who befriend, parent, partner, and love them.

Black Male Outsider

Author : Gary L. Lemons
ISBN : 0791473023
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 79. 11 MB
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One man’s account of becoming a feminist professor.

The Assassination Of The Black Male Image

Author : Earl Ofari Hutchinson
ISBN : 9780684836577
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42. 69 MB
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Argues that the stereotype of the violent, undisciplined Black male is the product of a racist policy of dehumanization, and discusses the cases of Clarence Thomas, Mike Tyson, Lewis Farrakhan, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, and others

Race And The Black Male Subculture

Author : William T. Hoston
ISBN : 9781137588531
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 51. 62 MB
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This book is a study of black masculinity in the twenty-first century. Through a series of critical and interdisciplinary essays, this work examines the image of the black male in American society as a Toby Waller stereotype. Toby Waller is the fictional, yet symbolic character from Alex Haley’s highly acclaimed book and mini-series, Roots. It is a richly detailed, fictional story about slavery and one enslaved African man’s struggle to regain freedom. The parallel of the life of enslaved Toby Waller is similar to present day black males. Both are individuals who are often stripped of their cultural identity and exist within an institutional and systemic framework that devalues black male life. This dichotomy is the historical platform to discuss how those in the annals of white America demarcate which embodiment merits inclusion into societal acceptance.

Black Male Adolescents

Author : Benjamin P. Bowser
ISBN : 0819191159
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84. 84 MB
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The objective of this collection is to look at Afro-American young men within their full social and community context. The book consists of 19 chapters in four sections focusing on the structural conditions, parenting, education and social identity of young black men. Seventeen chapters are written specifically for this analysis; only two chapters have been previously published in other forms. The authors of these chapters are both university and community-based researchers and practitioners and are uniquely qualified due to their work, insights and experiences with young black men. What these writers provide are insights that can help us to better understand these young men as well as the conditions that dispose them toward successful and productive roles or toward self-destruction. Contents: Section One: Up Against the Odds; Section Two: Families and CommunitiesoParenting; Section Three: Education for Survival and Success; Section Four: Development of Cultural Identity."

Against The Wall

Author : Elijah Anderson
ISBN : 0812206959
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 28. 23 MB
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Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title Typically residing in areas of concentrated urban poverty, too many young black men are trapped in a horrific cycle that includes active discrimination, unemployment, violence, crime, prison, and early death. This toxic mixture has given rise to wider stereotypes that limit the social capital of all young black males. Edited and with an introductory chapter by sociologist Elijah Anderson, the essays in Against the Wall describe how the young black man has come to be identified publicly with crime and violence. In reaction to his sense of rejection, he may place an exaggerated emphasis on the integrity of his self-expression in clothing and demeanor by adopting the fashions of the "street." To those deeply invested in and associated with the dominant culture, his attitude is perceived as profoundly oppositional. His presence in public gathering places becomes disturbing to others, and the stereotype of the dangerous young black male is perpetuated and strengthened. To understand the origin of the problem and the prospects of the black inner-city male, it is essential to distinguish his experience from that of his pre-Civil Rights Movement forebears. In the 1950s, as militant black people increasingly emerged to challenge the system, the figure of the black male became more ambiguous and fearsome. And while this activism did have the positive effect of creating opportunities for the black middle class who fled from the ghettos, those who remained faced an increasingly desperate climate. Featuring a foreword by Cornel West and sixteen original essays by contributors including William Julius Wilson, Gerald D. Jaynes, Douglas S. Massey, and Peter Edelman, Against the Wall illustrates how social distance increases as alienation and marginalization within the black male underclass persist, thereby deepening the country's racial divide.

The Black Male In White America

Author : Jacob U. Gordon
ISBN : 1590337573
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 46. 33 MB
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This book explores twelve related research topics, each constituting a chapter. These chapters reflect the magnitude of the problems facing the African-American male. The book also documents the success stories of African American men and how they have lived beyond stereotypes and other odds. These issues are not likely to go away in the 21st century. They require government action and individual initiative toward a civil society in which America's promise can be a reality for all Americans, thus making sure that no single American will be left behind. Contents: Preface; African-American Males in Kindergarten; African-American Males in Higher Education; African-American Fatherhood; Theatre and the Re-Creation of the Black Experience; Contributions of African-American Males to the Sciences and Medicine; The African-American Male in American Journalism; African-American Males and the Economics of Poverty; The Black Male in the Clinton Administration; Transitioning African-American Men From the Prison Back to the Community; African-American MSM & HIV: Unfulfilled But Urgent Needs; The Black Male and Recent U.S. Policy Toward Africa; Foreign-Born Black Males: The Invisible Voices; Towa

Body And Soul

Author : Duane Thomas
ISBN : STANFORD:36105023100519
Genre : Photography
File Size : 66. 76 MB
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Presents photographs of African American men, including prominent music artists, athletes, models, and actors

Queer Pollen

Author : David A. Gerstner
ISBN : 9780252077876
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 45. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Queer Pollen discusses three notable black queer twentieth century artists--painter and writer Richard Bruce Nugent, author James Baldwin, and filmmaker Marlon Riggs--and the unique ways they turned to various media to work through their experiences living as queer black men. David A. Gerstner elucidates the complexities in expressing queer black desire through traditional art forms such as painting, poetry, and literary prose, or in the industrial medium of cinema. This challenge is made particularly sharp when the terms "black" and "homosexuality" come freighted with white ideological conceptualizations. Gerstner adroitly demonstrates how Nugent, Baldwin, and Riggs interrogated the seductive power and saturation of white queer cultures, grasping the deceit of an entrenched cultural logic that defined their identity and their desire in terms of whiteness. Their work confounds the notion of foundational origins that prescribe the limits of homosexual and racial desire, perversely refusing the cordoned-off classifications assigned to the "homosexual" and the "raced" body. Queer Pollen articulates a cinematic aesthetic that unfolds through painting, poetry, dance, novels, film, and video that marks the queer black body in relation to matters of race, gender, sexuality, nation, and death.

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