biotechnology of filamentous fungi technology and products the biotechnology series

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Biotechnology Of Filamentous Fungi

Author : David B. Finkelstein
ISBN : 9781483292212
Genre : Science
File Size : 80. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Biotechnology of Filamentous Fungi: Technology and Products provides a comprehensive discussion of the molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry of filamentous fungi. It also deals with general principles of biochemical engineering such as process design and scaleup. The book's main emphasis, however, is on the commercial significance of filamentous fungi. The book highlights the unique aspects of filamentous fungi along with those aspects common to most microorganisms studied in industries that use biotechnology. Filamentous fungi can generate a wide range of industrial products including primary metabolites such as organic acids, secondary metabolites such as ß-lactam antibiotics, nonantibiotic drugs, and enzymes for use in food production. Whole organisms such as mushrooms can be used as well as organisms used as insecticides and herbicides. Filamentous fungi also qualify as potential hosts for the secretion of certain heterogeneous proteins such as mammalian proteins. However, not all things related to fungi are beneficial. Mycotoxins products by fungi can be lethal to humans; there is also a need to develop antifungal agents to destroy fungi that can kill animals and plants. These topics are important aspects of the biotechnology of filamentous fungi and are dealt with in this text.

Bio Exploitation Of Filamentous Fungi

Author : Stephen B. Pointing
ISBN : 9628567721
Genre : Filamentous fungi
File Size : 27. 5 MB
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The focus of this exciting new book is on identifying existing and potential applications for filamentous fungi. Selected topics at the forefront of current fungal biotechnology research, namely bioactive compounds and agricultural applications, are covered in depth by acknowledged experts in their field. Other emerging fungal technologies such as bioremediation are also reviewed, together with associated subjects such as the ownership of genetic resources.

Molecular Fungal Biology

Author : Richard P. Oliver
ISBN : 052156784X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Advanced undergraduate textbook for courses in biotechnology, fungal biology and fungal genetics.

Handbook Of Fungal Biotechnology

Author : Dilip K. Arora
ISBN : 0203027353
Genre : Science
File Size : 89. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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The Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology offers the newest developments from the frontiers of fungal biochemical and molecular processes and industrial and semi-industrial applications of fungi. This second edition highlights the need for the integration of a number of scientific disciplines and technologies in modern fungal biotechnology and reigns as the top source on current molecular, biochemical, and medical technologies and commercial usages for fungi. Authored by 81 world-renowned scientists from both industry and academia, it addresses contemporary issues pertaining to intellectual property rights, biodiversity, and biosafety, and devotes an entire section to medical biotechnology.

New And Future Developments In Microbial Biotechnology And Bioengineering

Author : Vijai Kumar Gupta
ISBN : 9780444635136
Genre : Science
File Size : 34. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering: Aspergillus System Properties and Applications provides information on emerging issues related to recent advancements in aspergillus research and its applications in bioprocess technology, chemical engineering, genome biology, molecular taxonomy, secondary and metabolite production, industrial process and biofuels/bioenergy research, and alternative fuel development. The book covers the various novel enzymes secreted by these fungi and their specific use in the food, textile, pulp and paper, biocellulosic ethanol production, and other industries. The book describes research and experimentation on aspergillus activity and directly connects them to their use in bioprocess technology, chemical engineering, bioremediation process, secondary metabolite production, pharmaceutical processes, protein production, industrial process, biofuels/bioenergy research, and alternative fuel development. Readers will find this book to be an indispensable resource for biotechnologists, biochemical engineers, biochemists, microbiologists, bioinformatics researchers, and other biologists who are interested in learning about the potential applications of these fungi. Compiles available, up-to-date information on recent developments made in the study of aspergillus system properties Contains global content from pioneering international authors Presents current research efforts and links them to various applications, including uses in foods, textiles, pulp and paper, and in biocellulosic ethanol production Provides an indispensable resource for biologists who are interested in learning about the potential applications of the fungi aspergillus

Molecular Biology And Biotechnology

Author : Robert A. Meyers
ISBN : 0471186341
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Essential for the top of every desk and laboratory bench, this single volume reference is the first and last resource required to answer any question relating to molecular biology, biotechnology, or molecular medicine. This work contains the theory and techniques for understanding, modifying, manipulating, expressing, and synthesizing biological molecules, conformations, and aggregates. Over 250 carefully reviewed articles written by 378 eminent scientists in the field, provide detailed and readable coverage of today's most relevant topics including life processes at the molecular level, genetic disease diagnosis and genetic therapy, the theory and techniques for understanding, manipulating, and synthesizing biological molecules and their aggregates.

An Introduction To Fungal Biotechnology

Author : M. Wainwright
ISBN : 0471934585
Genre : Science
File Size : 26. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An Introduction to Fungal Biotechnology M. Wainwright, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield, UK Mycelial fungi and yeasts have long been important to man through their use in baking and brewing. More recently these organisms have been exploited further through their use in the production of antibiotics and biochemicals such as citric acid. Since the introduction of technology which enables these organisms to be genetically engineered, the practical applications of fungi have increased more dramatically. Fungi now play a more important role in the manufacture of a wide range of products by fermentation, in agriculture through their use as pest and pathogen control agents and as growth enhancers, in environmental management and in the food industry. Previous texts on fungal biotechnology have been largely restricted to the role of these organisms in the fermentation industry. By contrast, this book presents a comprehensive and wide-ranging introduction to the use of fungi in various areas of biotechnology emphasising their recent use in, for example, the bioremediation of polluted soils, fossil fuel conversion, and their use as biological control agents and inoculants in agriculture. An Introduction to Fungal Biotechnology is well illustrated and written in a readable and easily accessible style. Although it is particularly suitable for undergraduate students, this book will also be of interest to postgraduate students and research workers who require an overview of the traditional and more recent practical applications of fungi and insight into potential areas of their future use

Biocatalysis And Agricultural Biotechnology

Author : Ching T. Hou
ISBN : 1420077074
Genre : Science
File Size : 47. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Worldwide energy and food crises are spotlighting the importance of bio-based products – an area many are calling on for solutions to these shortages. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology encapsulates the cutting-edge advances in the field with contributions from more than 50 international experts comprising sectors of academia, industry, and government research institutes, a virtual Who’s Who among biocatalysis scientists. Created Under the Editorial Guidance of Leading Biotechnology Experts With the aid of numerous graphs and illustrations, this authoritative reference documents such important advances as: Cloning and characterization of Kennedy pathway acyltransferases Engineering of plants for industrial uses New approaches from acquired tolerance to the biotic and abiotic stress of economically important crops This comprehensive text also explores a variety of bio-based industrial products, including: The modification of enzyme character through gene manipulation The biocatalytic synthesis of chiral intermediates for drug development The use of Omega-3 phospholipid nano capsules as effective forms for transporting immune response modifiers Providing in-depth reviews of this ancient field and its modern-day advances, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology is an invaluable lab reference for teachers, graduate students, and industrial scientists conducting research in the biosciences.

Manual Of Industrial Microbiology And Biotechnology

Author : Richard H. Baltz
ISBN : 9781555815127
Genre : Medical
File Size : 45. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A rich array of methods and discussions of productive microbial processes. • Reviews of the newest techniques, approaches, and options in the use of microorganisms and other cell culture systems for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes and proteins, foods and beverages, fuels and fine chemicals, and other products. • Focuses on the latest advances and findings on the current state of the art and science and features a new section on the microbial production of biofuels and fine chemicals, as well as a stronger emphasis on mammalian cell culture methods. • Covers new methods that enhance the capacity of microbes used for a wide range of purposes, from winemaking to pharmaceuticals to bioremediation, at volumes from micro- to industrial scale.

Advances In Fungal Biotechnology For Industry Agriculture And Medicine

Author : Jan S. Tkacz
ISBN : 9781441988591
Genre : Medical
File Size : 27. 25 MB
Format : PDF
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In the past half century, filamentous fungi have grown in commercial importance not only in the food industry but also as sources of pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of infectious and metabolic diseases and of specialty proteins and enzymes used to process foods, fortify detergents, and perform biotransformations. The commercial impact of molds is also measured on a negative scale since some of these organisms are significant as pathogens of crop plants, agents of food spoilage, and sources of toxic and carcinogenic compounds. Recent advances in the molecular genetics of filamentous fungi are finding increased application in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and enzyme industries, and this trend promises to continue as the genomics of fungi is explored and new techniques to speed genetic manipulation become available. This volume focuses on the filamentous fungi and highlights the advances of the past decade, both in methodology and in the understanding of genomic organization and regulation of gene and pathway expression.

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