binge what your college student won t tell you

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Author : Barrett Seaman
ISBN : 111804004X
Genre : Self-Help
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In Binge, Barrett Seaman reveals what every parent, student, and educator needs to know about the college experience. Seaman spent time with students at twelve highly regarded and diverse colleges and universities across North America­. During his two years of research, he immersed himself in the lives of the students, often living in their dorms, dining with them, speaking with them on their own terms, and listening to them express their thoughts and feelings. Portraying a campus culture in which today’s best and brightest students grapple with far more than academic challenges, Binge conveys the unprecedented stresses on campus today. While sharing revealing interviews and the often dramatic stories, Seaman explores the complexities of romantic relationships and sexual relations, alcohol and drug use, anxiety and depression, class and racial boundaries, and more. Despite the disturbing trends, Seaman finds reasons for optimism and offers provocative and well-informed suggestions for improving the undergraduate experience. Sometimes alarming, always fascinating, and ultimately hopeful, Binge is an extraordinary investigative work that reveals the realities of higher education today.


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College Drinking

Author : George W. Dowdall
ISBN : 9781579228156
Genre : Education
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Drinking is recognized as one of the most important problems confronting students on campus today, with major impacts on health and safety. This book answers crucial questions about why students drink, examines its complex links to campus crime and sexual assault, and offers new insights on how to address the issue. It differs from other studies of college drinking by dispelling the myth that the problem is universal. Dowdall’s research reveals that the incidence of alcohol abuse varies enormously between colleges, and in doing so identifies interventions and policies that have been effective, and those that have failed. His study is also unique in looking “upstream” at the broader cultural, organizational and social forces that shape this behavior, where most studies focus only on “downstream” behaviors, well after students have selected their college and have started drinking. Students and parents can take action to lower the risk of binge drinking by following the book’s recommendations, and consulting the data it provides about alcohol violations and crime at thousands of colleges. For administrators and student affairs personnel, it both defines and illuminates the issue, and outlines effective interventions.

The Five Year Party

Author : Craig Brandon
ISBN : 9781935618249
Genre : Education
File Size : 34. 86 MB
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Colleges look much the same as they did five or ten years ago, but a lot has changed behind the scenes. While some mixture of study and play has always been part of college life, an increasing number of schools have completely abandoned the idea that students need to learn or demonstrate that they've learned. Financial pressures have made college administrations increasingly reluctant to flunk anyone out, regardless of performance, although the average length of time to get a degree is now five years, and for many students it's six or more. Student evaluations of professors—often linked to promotion and tenure decisions—have made professors realize that applying tough standards, or any standards, only hurts their own career progress. For many professors, it's become easier and more rewarding to focus on giving entertaining lectures and to give everyone reasonably good grades. The worst of these schools are the "subprime" colleges, where performance standards and accountability have been completely abandoned. Students enjoy a five year party with minimal responsibilities while their parents pay the bills. These schools' investment decisions (first-class gyms and dining centers) are all geared to attracting students that want to have a good time, and their brochures all emphasize the fun aspects of the college experience—there are very few pictures of students actually studying or in class. And after graduation, former students are frequently unable to find work in their chosen fields, thanks to their school’s reputation with employers, and unable to afford the payments on sizeable student loans. The subprime colleges, which "teach" a significant percentage of college students, are only the tip of the iceberg. All colleges, even the most elite, have moved in this direction to some extent. If you are a parent sending your child to college, The Five-Year Party will give you critical information you need about what is really happening at your child's college, and what you can do to ensure help your child gets a real education.

Transforming Undergraduate Education

Author : Donald W. Harward
ISBN : 9781442206748
Genre : Education
File Size : 75. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Donald Harward has assembled the deepest thinkers in higher education in one resource that combines theoretical considerations with analyses of fundamental issues related to learning and liberal education. This set of arguments, theories, and evidence are sufficient to encourage significant—transformative—changes in higher education. Contributors go on to offer examples of campus initiatives that document such changes, from directional nudges to major shifts of emphases and resources.

Dying To Drink

Author : Henry Wechsler
ISBN : 157954777X
Genre : Education
File Size : 88. 94 MB
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Underage drinking and binge drinking are not harmless rites of passage. Rather than serving as some kind of bridge to adulthood, these illicit activities exact a senseless and severe price in blood and brain cells each semester. The proof is in the firsthand student accounts of out-of-control house parties and bar blasts, the testimonies of concerned health care professionals, and the tragic news stories related in this landmark book. The good news is that the damage, injuries, and deaths attributed to binge drinking are avoidable. The solutions offered in Dying to Drink will help schools to improve the quality of campus life, parents to ensure the safety of their sons and daughters, and our young people to get the most out of their college years-- without the beer goggles.

Lost In Transition

Author : Christian Smith
ISBN : 9780199911523
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 35. 48 MB
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Life for emerging adults is vastly different today than it was for their counterparts even a generation ago. Young people are waiting longer to marry, to have children, and to choose a career direction. As a result, they enjoy more freedom, opportunities, and personal growth than ever before. But the transition to adulthood is also more complex, disjointed, and confusing. In Lost in Transition, Christian Smith and his collaborators draw on 230 in-depth interviews with a broad cross-section of emerging adults (ages 18-23) to investigate the difficulties young people face today, the underlying causes of those difficulties, and the consequences both for individuals and for American society as a whole. Rampant consumer capitalism, ongoing failures in education, hyper-individualism, postmodernist moral relativism, and other aspects of American culture are all contributing to the chaotic terrain that emerging adults must cross. Smith identifies five major problems facing very many young people today: confused moral reasoning, routine intoxication, materialistic life goals, regrettable sexual experiences, and disengagement from civic and political life. The trouble does not lie only with the emerging adults or their poor individual decisions but has much deeper roots in mainstream American culture--a culture which emerging adults have largely inherited rather than created. Older adults, Smith argues, must recognize that much of the responsibility for the pain and confusion young people face lies with them. Rejecting both sky-is-falling alarmism on the one hand and complacent disregard on the other, Smith suggests the need for what he calls "realistic concern"--and a reconsideration of our cultural priorities and practices--that will help emerging adults more skillfully engage unique challenges they face. Even-handed, engagingly written, and based on comprehensive research, Lost in Transition brings much needed attention to the darker side of the transition to adulthood.

Binge Thinking

Author : Zachary M. White PH. D.
ISBN : 9780595347612
Genre : Education
File Size : 49. 73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Uses the case studies of five students to describe some of the difficult issues new college students face, including loneliness, the desire for recognition, the need to belong, dissatisfaction, and seeking a perfect relationship and an ideal job.

Beat Binge Drinking

Author : Donna J Cornett
ISBN : 0976372061
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 30. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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Beat Binge Drinking is the first and only comprehensive guide to alcohol use designed for young people who choose to drink - empowering them with smart drinking guidelines and tips to manage and reduce their alcohol consumption. It's the first book to offer youngsters an alcohol education, just like we offer them sex education and drivers education, and it will prevent alcohol abuse and alcoholism before it even starts! Young people will always experiment with alcohol and it's a huge health, social and economic problem. And the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recognizes there is a major unmet need in alcohol abuse treatment for young people. Beat Binge Drinking fills this need and it includes: - 21 great reasons to drink smart, not dumb - 10 simple smart drinking guidelines - 25 easy smart drinking tips - How to identify your drinking triggers and defuse them - What drinking thinking is and how to control it - What your problem drinking cycle is and how to break it - How to motivate yourself to drink smart forever!

Business Week

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ISBN : UCLA:L0091533612
Genre : Business
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