between winnicott and lacan a clinical engagement

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Between Winnicott And Lacan

Author : Lewis A. Kirshner
ISBN : 9781136912313
Genre : Psychology
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D.W. Winnicott and Jacques Lacan are arguably two of the most important psychoanalytic theoreticians since Freud, and, somewhat ironically, seemingly two of the most incompatible. Lewis Kirshner and his colleagues attempt to demonstrate how the intellectual contributions of these two figures - such as Winnicott's self and Lacan's subject - complement productively despite their apparent contrast. Throughout the book, their major concepts are clarified and differentiated, but always with an eye toward points of intersection and a more effective psychoanalytic practice. Furthermore, these contri.

The Winnicott Tradition

Author : Margaret Boyle Spelman
ISBN : 9780429922763
Genre : Psychology
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This volume in a book series on psychoanalytic leaders, provides a geographically global sampler of writing stemming from Winnicott's complex and paradoxical thinking. In the first section, on his work and legacy, his thinking is put into a context to reveal something of the origins, significant milestones, contemporary development, and theoretical expansion of his thinking. In the second section, there is a recognition of the fact that Winnicott privileged clinical work. This section aims to illustrate the evolution of theory, expansion of concepts and applications of Winnicott's body of work to the clinical situation with both children and adults in a variety of settings which include private practice, the health services and residential programmes in a varied array of settings worldwide. The third section on applications of Winnicott's work outside the consulting room celebrates his special capacity as a bridge-builder and as a figure whose work has had a very wide appeal and influence. His work continues to grow in its influence and to an unusual degree it informs the work of allied professionals and those in very many different disciplines, domains of thought and work sectors to that of the traditional clinical ones of health and education. Several chapters indicate how his creativity inspired those in the creative disciplines. Lastly, the fourth section provides personal reflections and accounts from those familiar with Winnicott's work or with the man himself and gives the reader an opportunity to experience the evolution of his thinking and influence through the eyes of contributors who have pertinent historical recollections and experiences.

Having A Life

Author : Lewis A. Kirshner
ISBN : 9781135060800
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 34. 26 MB
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What is it about "having a life"- which is to say, about having a sense of separate existence as a subject or self - that is usually taken for granted but is so fragilely maintained in certain patients and, indeed, in most of us at especially difficult times? In Having A Life: Self Pathology After Lacan, Lewis Kirshner takes this Lacanian question as the point of departure for a thoughtful meditation on the conceptual problems and clinical manifestations of pathologies of the self. Beginning with the case of Margaret Little, analyzed by D. W. Winnicott, and proceeding to extended case presentations from his own practice, Kirshner weaves together an avowedly American reading of Lacan with the approaches to self pathology of an influential coterie of theorists. By drawing out common threads in their respective discourses on the self, Kirshner achieves an original integration of Lacanian theory with other contemporary approaches to self pathology. Of special note is his ability to sustain a dialogue between Lacan and Kohut, whose shared clinical object, discernible through divergent vocabularies and conceptions, is the struggle of the subject to avoid fragmentation that would obliterate a sense of aliveness and preclude active engagement with the world. Kirshner's opening chapter on the gifted, troubled Margaret Little and his concluding chapter on the eminent political philosopher Louis Althusser, whose self pathology culminated in his strangling of his wife, Hélène Rytman, in 1980, frame a study that is brilliantly successful in bringing "self" issues down to the messy actualities of lived experience. Analytic therapists no less than students of the human sciences will be edified by this cogent, readable attempt to infuse Lacanian concepts with the conceptual rigor and clinical pragmatism of American psychoanalysis and to apply the resulting model of therapeutic action to a fascinating range of case material.

Die Spontane Geste

Author : Donald W. Winnicott
ISBN : 360895760X
Genre :
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Eine Saison Bei Lacan

Author : Pierre Rey
ISBN : 3851654250
Genre :
File Size : 41. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Die Psychoanalyse Des Jungen

Author : Hans Hopf
ISBN : 9783608202205
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 84. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Die Jungen sind zum Problem geworden. Sie sind aggressiv, bewegungsunruhig, unaufmerksam, risikobereit, gelten als Störer. Vom ersten Tag an sind sie anders als Mädchen und entwickeln viel häufiger psychischen Auffälligkeiten. Warum ist das so? Und was können wir therapeutisch und erzieherisch dagegen tun? »Lieber Doc, Himmel, was für ein Teil, Sie furchterregender Vielgescheiter, uff! So viele klugen Gedanken haben in EINEM Kopf Platz, ich verneige mich mal schnell.« Andreas Altmann, Autor des Bestsellers "Das Scheißleben meines Vaters, das Scheißleben meiner Mutter und meine eigene Scheißjugend" in einem Brief an Hans Hopf über "Die Psychoanalyse des Jungen". Das Buch greift anhand vieler Beispiele und Fallsequenzen folgende wichtige Themen auf: - die Entwicklung der männlichen Identität im Beziehungsdreieck mit Mutter und Vater, - die psychischen Ursachen von Aggression, mangelhafter Affektregulierung, Bewegungsunruhe und Aufmerksamkeitsdefiziten, - die Biologie des Jungen, - Triebentwicklung des Jungen, - die Geschwisterbeziehungen, - die Möglichkeiten einer hilfreichen pädagogischen und therapeutischen Begleitung. Die These von Hans Hopf, einer der renommiertesten Kinderanalytiker Deutschlands mit 40-jähriger Erfahrung: Die Jungen sind die »Emanzipationsverlierer«, sie wachsen überwiegend »vaterlos« in einer feminisierten Welt auf. »Ich wünsche mir, dass Jungen in der Zukunft ihre phallischen Tendenzen und ihre Bewegungsfreude, vom liebevollen Blick der Mutter begleitet, leben dürfen, auch von den wohlwollenden Augen ihrer Erzieherinnen und Lehrerinnen. Dass nicht missverstanden wird, wenn sie oft aktiver, lauter, risikobereiter und aggressiver sind als Mädchen und dass sie die Umwelt erforschen dürfen. Dass sie gute Beziehungserfahrungen mit der Mutter erwerben und deren Weiblichkeit als etwas Wertvolles in sich schätzen werden. Dass sie – in Anwesenheit eines einander zugewandten Paares – zu ihrer eigenen Identität finden können. Dass sie innerhalb ihrer Erziehung auf eigene und auf öffentliche psychisch präsente Väter treffen, die sie liebevoll und konsequent begrenzen werden und mit denen sie sich identifizieren können, so dass sie sich entsprechend ihrer wesensmäßigen Charakterzüge zum reifen Mann entwickeln können.« Hans Hopf

Das Erbe Der M Tter

Author : Nancy Chodorow
ISBN : 3881041451
Genre : Geschlechterbeziehung
File Size : 26. 94 MB
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Nietzsche And The Clinic

Author : Jared Russell
ISBN : 9781782204893
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 85. 6 MB
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Nietzsche and the Clinic reimagines what a sustained engagement with Nietzsche’s thinking has to offer psychoanalysis today. Beyond the headlines that continue to misrepresent Nietzsche’s project, this book portrays Nietzsche as a thinker of tremendous practical import for those treating the emergent pathologies of the twenty-first century with an interpretive approach. The more pressing wager of the book is that, by introducing Nietzsche’s thinking into contemporary debates about the nature and function of the psychoanalytic clinic, the future of that clinic can be better secured against attempts to discredit its claims to therapeutic efficacy and to scientific legitimacy. Combining a close textual reading with examples drawn from concrete clinical practice, Nietzsche and the Clinic integrates philosophy and psychoanalysis in ways that move past a merely theoretical attitude, demonstrating how the relationship between philosophy and psychoanalysis can be expanded in ways that are both clinically specific and post-Freudian in orientation. Chapters include extended meditations on Nietzsche’s relation to key themes in the work of Helene Deutsch, Wilfred Bion, Melanie Klein, Donald Winnicott, and Jacques Lacan.

W Rterbuch Der Lacanschen Psychoanalyse

Author : Dylan Evans
ISBN : 3851321901
Genre : Psychoanalysis
File Size : 90. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Affektregulierung Mentalisierung Und Die Entwicklung Des Selbst

Author :
ISBN : 3608943846
Genre : Affect (Psychology)
File Size : 45. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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