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Molecular Physics

Author : Mohamed F. El-Hewie
ISBN : 1463794371
Genre : Science
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This volume encompasses five chapters from my personal study notes which covers all courses and notes in my study of Nuclear Engineering, from high school throughout my post-doctorate associateship. CHAPTER 9: The Wave Nature of Matter The Wave Nature of Matter DE BROGLIE'S CONCEPT OF MATTER WAVES EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF MATTER WAVES EXPERIMENTS OF DAVISSON AND GERMER EXPERIMENTS OF G. P. THOMSON THEORETICAL STUDY OF MATTER WAVES QUANTUM MECHANICS Matrices Algebra 1. THE CORPUSCULAR CONCEPT OF MATTER 2. THE TRANSFORMATION THEORY WAVE MECHANICS PHYSICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF the wave function PRINCIPLE OF INDETERMINACY CRITICISM OF THE THEORY OF MATTER WAVES CHAPTER 10: Quantum Statistics Principles of statistical mechanics Calculus of probabilities and its laws CLASSICAL STATISTICS APPLICATIONS OF THE QUANTUM STATISTICS A. Bose-Einstein statistics 1. Black body radiation 2. Gas degeneration B. Fermi-Dirac statistics 1. Electron theory of metals 2. Thermal and electrical conductivities 3. Thermoelectricity 4. Thermionic effect 5. Photoelectric effect 6. Contact potential difference (Volta effect) 7. Paramagnetism of the alkali metals CRITICISM OF THE QUANTUM STATISTICS CHAPTER 11: The Atom SPECIAL UNITS USED IN ATOMIC PHYSICS The Electronic Structure of the Atom The Atom Models THOMSON ATOM MODEL RUTHERFORD NUCLEAR ATOM MODEL EXPERIMENTS ON THE SCATTERING OF ALPHA PARTICLES BOHR ATOM MODEL ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE ORIGIN OF SPECTRAL LINES Bohr's theory of the origin of spectral lines 1. Spectrum of the singly ionized helium 2. Determination of the ratio of the mass of the electron to that of the proton: m/MH 3. The discovery deuterium or heavy hydrogen of mass number two APPLICATIONS OF BOHR'S THEORY EXCITATION AND IONIZATION OF ATOMS Methods of excitation of atoms EXPERIMENT OF DAVIS AND GOUCHER X-RAY SPECTRA SOME PECULIARITIES OF THE CHARACTERISTIC X-RAY SPECTRA X-RAY ABSORPTION SPECTRA THE SOMMERFELD RELATIVISTIC ATOM MODEL VECTOR ATOM MODEL QUANTUM NUMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH THE VECTOR MODEL OF THE ATOM MAGNETIC MOMENT DUE TO ORBITAL MOTION BOHR MAGNETON MAGNETIC MOMENT DUE TO ELECTRON SPIN ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE IN ATOMS ELECTRON CONFIGURATIONS WITH THEIR MODERN SYMBOLIC REPRESENTATIONS Semiconductors and transistors FINE STRUCTURE OF SPECTRAL LINES OPTICAL SPECTRA Fine structure FINE STRUCTURE OF THE SODIUM D-LINE FINE STRUCTURE OF THE H-alpha LINE X-RAY SPECTRA ZEEMAN EFFECT DEBYE'S EXPLANATION OF THE NORMAL ZEEMAN EFFECT EXPLANATION OF THE ANOMALOUS ZEEMAN EFFECT PASCHEN-BACK EFFECT STARK EFFECT THE STARK PATTERN OF THE H-a LINE FORBIDDEN LINES IN ATOMIC SPECTRA Forbidden lines in nebular and auroral spectra EXPERIMENTAL CONFIRMATION OF THE VECTOR MODEL STERN AND GERLACH EXPERIMENT GYROMAGNETIC EFFECT THE WAVE MECHANICAL ATOM MODEL SOLUTION OF SCHRODINGER'S EQUATION FOR THE ONE-ELECTRON ATOM SOME APPLICATIONS OF THE WAVE MECHANICAL THEORY 1. HYDROGEN AND HELIUM ATOMS 2. MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS CHAPTER 12: Molecular Spectra Van der Waals type of binding Molecular Spectra Van der Waals type of binding Metallic binding Electric moments of molecules Size and shape of molecules Dissociation of molecules: heat of dissociation Franck-Condon principle MOLECULAR SPECTRA Theory of the rotation-vibration spectra Theory of the electronic band spectra PECULIARITIES OF CERTAIN BAND SPECTRA ISOTOPIC EFFECT IN MOLECULAR SPECTRA RAMAN EFFECT APPLICATIONS OF THE RAMAN EFFECT IN PHYSICS APPLICATIONS OF THE RAMAN EFFECT IN CHEMISTRY SOLID STATE SPECTROSCOPY Chapter 13: Modern Problems of Radioactivity Modern Problems of Radioactivity The Nucleus of the Atom RADIATIONS FROM NATURAL RADIOELEMENTS Alpha disintegration Beta disintegration Gamma-ray emission SPECTRA OF THE RADIATIONS FROM NATURAL RADIOELEMENTS GAMMA RAY SPECTRA Nuclear energy levels ALPHA RAY SPECTRA BETA RAY SPECTRA The cloud chamber method Theoretical interpretation of the beta-ray continuum

Ettore Majorana Unpublished Research Notes On Theoretical Physics

Author : Salvatore Esposito
ISBN : 9781402091131
Genre : Science
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Without listing his works, all of which are highly notable both for the originality of the methods utilized as well as for the importance of the results achieved, we limit ourselves to the following: Inmodernnucleartheories, thecontributionmadebythisresearcher to the introduction of the forces called ‘Majorana forces’ is universally recognized as the one, among the most fundamental, that permits us to theoretically comprehend the reasons for nuclear stability. The work of Majorana today serves as a basis for the most important research in this ?eld. In atomic physics, the merit of having resolved some of the most - tricate questions on the structure of spectra through simple and elegant considerations of symmetry is due to Majorana. Lastly, he devised a brilliant method that permits us to treat the positive and negative electron in a symmetrical way, ?nally elimin- ing the necessity to rely on the extremely arti?cial and unsatisfactory hypothesis of an in?nitely large electrical charge di?used in space, a question that had been tackled in vain by many other scholars [4].

College Mathematics Ii

Author : Mohamed El-Hewie
ISBN : 1466209178
Genre :
File Size : 65. 82 MB
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Special Functions Fourier Transforms Laplace Transforms Chapter 7: SPECIAL FUNCTIONS 1. Gamma Functions 2. Beta Functions 3. Bessel Functions 3.1. Bessel equation for zero order 3.2. Properties of Bessel functions 3.3. Bessel functions of order one (n = 1) 3.4. Relationships between Bessel functions of orders zero and one 3.5. Lammel' s integrals 3.6. Fourier-Bessel expansions of zero order 3.7. Vibration of uniformly stretched membrane 3.8. Application of Bessel functions on conduction of heat 3.9. Modified Bessel function of zero order 3.10. Bessel and Kelvin functions 3.11. Bessel functions of any real order 3.12. Bessel functions of integral order 3.13. Bessel coefficients 3.14. Recurrence formulae 3.15. Bessel function as integrals 3.16. The Bessel functions of order n of the third kind (Hankel functions of order n) 4. Legendre functions 4.1. Alternative definition of Legendre polynomials 4.2. Legendre's recurrence formulae 4.3. Integral properties of Lagendre polynomial 4.4. The associated Legendre functions. 4.5. Applications of Legendre functions 5. Exercises on special functions Chapter 8: Fourier transforms 1. Fourier series and harmonic analysis 2. Fourier theorem 3. Preliminary integrals used in Fourier transforms 4. Determination of the coefficients of the Fourier expansion 5. Examples of Fourier transformations 6. Fourier expansions in cosines only 7. Fourier expansions in sines only 8. Fourier expansions in even harmonics 9. Fourier expansions in odd harmonics 10. Summary of common Fourier transforms 11. Practical Fourier Analysis Chapter 11: Laplace Transforms 1. The Laplace Transformation 2. General Theorems on the Laplace Transformation 2.1. The unit step function 2.2. The second translation or shifting property 2.3. Application of the shift theorem to the solution of difference and differential equations 2.4. The unit impulse function 2.5. The unit doublet 2.6. The behavior of f(s) as s tends to infinity. 2.7. Initial value theorem 2.8. Final value theorem 2.9. Differentiation of transform 2.10. Application of the differentiation of Laplace transform to the solution of linear differential equations with coefficients as polynomials in t. 2.11. Integration of transforms 2.12. Transforms of periodic functions 2.13. The product theorem-Convolution 2.14. Application of the product theorem to the solution of differential and integral equations 2.15. Power series method for the determination of transforms and inverse transforms 2.16. The error function or probability integral 2.17. The sine-integral function Si(t) 2.18. The Cosine -integral function Ci(t) 2.19. The exponential integral function 2.20. Evaluation of definite integrals using the Laplace transformation 2.21. The Heaviside's expansion formulae 2.22. The inversion integral 2.23. Formulae for residues 2.24. Inversion in the case of branch points 2.25. Miscellaneous Examples on Laplace Transform 2.26. Exercises on Laplace Transforms 3. Electrical Applications of the Laplace Transformation 4. Dynamical Applications of Laplace Transforms 5. Structural Applications 5.1. Deflection of beams 5.2. Exercises on Laplace Transform in practical applications 6. Using Laplace Transformation in solving Linear Partial Differential Equations 6.1. Transverse vibrations of a stretched string under gravity 6.2. Longitudinal vibrations of bars 6.3. Partial differential equations of transmission lines 6.4. Conduction of heat 6.5. Exercise on using Laplace Transformation in solving Linear Partial Differential Equations

Modern Atomic Physics

Author : Vasant Natarajan
ISBN : 9781482242041
Genre : Science
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Much of our understanding of physics in the last 30-plus years has come from research on atoms, photons, and their interactions. Collecting information previously scattered throughout the literature, Modern Atomic Physics provides students with one unified guide to contemporary developments in the field. After reviewing metrology and preliminary material, the text explains core areas of atomic physics. Important topics discussed include the spontaneous emission of radiation, stimulated transitions and the properties of gas, the physics and applications of resonance fluorescence, coherence, cooling and trapping of charged and neutral particles, and atomic beam magnetic resonance experiments. Covering standards, a different way of looking at a photon, stimulated radiation, and frequency combs, the appendices avoid jargon and use historical notes and personal anecdotes to make the topics accessible to non-atomic physics students. Written by a leader in atomic and optical physics, this text gives a state-of-the-art account of atomic physics within a basic quantum mechanical framework. It shows students how atomic physics has played a key role in many other areas of physics.

X Rays In Atomic And Nuclear Physics

Author : N. A. Dyson
ISBN : 052101722X
Genre : Science
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This book deals with the methods of X-ray production at a level which is accessible to advanced undergraduates and researchers who use X-rays. It also discusses the fundamentals of these physical properties from an experimental viewpoint which is not covered in more specialised texts.

Constituents Of Matter

Author : Wilhelm Raith
ISBN : 0849312027
Genre : Science
File Size : 42. 61 MB
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Originally published as part of the renowned Bergmann-Schaefer textbook series on experimental physics, this volume fills an important void by providing a thorough treatment of the basic: atoms, molecules, nuclei, and particles. Written by experimentalists, it forms a unique compendium of our practical knowledge of the basic elements While keeping all of the rigor necessary for a clean treatment, the authors go beyond theory and describe major experimental results that give readers a clear view of the practical side of nature.

An Introduction To Nuclear Physics

Author : W. N. Cottingham
ISBN : 0521657334
Genre : Science
File Size : 81. 73 MB
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This clear and concise introduction to nuclear physics provides an excellent basis for a core undergraduate course in this area. The book opens by setting nuclear physics in the context of elementary particle physics and then shows how simple models can provide an understanding of the properties of nuclei, both in their ground states and excited states, and also of the nature of nuclear reactions. The book also includes chapters on nuclear fission, its application in nuclear power reactors, the role of nuclear physics in energy production and nucleosynthesis in stars. This second edition contains several additional topics: muon-catalysed fusion, the nuclear and neutrino physics of supernovae, neutrino mass and neutrino oscillations, and the biological effects of radiation. A knowledge of basic quantum mechanics and special relativity is assumed. Appendices deal with other more specialized topics. Each chapter ends with a set of problems for which outline solutions are provided.

E Study Guide For Conceptual Physics Essentials By Paul G Hewitt Isbn 9780321501363

Author : Cram101 Textbook Reviews
ISBN : 9781478433873
Genre : Education
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Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

Multiparticle Quantum Scattering With Applications To Nuclear Atomic And Molecular Physics

Author : Donald G. Truhlar
ISBN : 0387949992
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 45. 19 MB
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The topics in this volume include the ideas of mathematicians, physicists and chemists in the area of multiparticle scattering theory. Scattering theory (or collision theory as it is often called) is a fundamental area of theory and computation in both physics and chemistry. The correct formulation of scattering theory for two-body collisions is now well worked out, but systems with three or more particles still present fundamental unmet challenges, both in the formulations of the problem and in the interpretation of computational results. A key issue in the mathematical foundations is asymptotic completeness, which says that any state of a quantum system is a superposition of bound and scattering states. Key issues on the physical side are concerned with boundary conditions, electromagnetic fields, effective potentials and resonances.

College Majors

Author : Ellen Lederman
ISBN : 9780786428885
Genre : Education
File Size : 65. 23 MB
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This is an easy to use, comprehensive reference tool for students, parents, teachers, counselors, and librarians to more than 400 majors offered in U.S. colleges and universities. Each entry gives a description of the major, levels offered (associate, bachelor's, master's, doctoral), examples of typical courses, related and complementary majors, needed abilities and aptitude to pursue the major, and career possibilities. The book is intended to serve as a starting point in the process of choosing a college major. It introduces readers to the possibilities and can spark an interest in several majors that can then be explored in depth. The appendices list fields of study by discipline, alternate names for majors and cross-references of occupations to majors.

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