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Aristotle And Natural Law

Author : Tony Burns
ISBN : 9781441107169
Genre : Philosophy
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Aristotle and Natural Law lays out a new theoretical approach which distinguishes between the notions of 'interpretation,' 'appropriation,' 'negotiation' and 'reconstruction' of the meaning of texts and their component concepts. These categories are then deployed in an examination of the role which the concept of natural law is used by Aristotle in a number of key texts. The book argues that Aristotle appropriated the concept of natural law, first formulated by the defenders of naturalism in the 'nature versus convention debate' in classical Athens. Thereby he contributed to the emergence and historical evolution of the meaning of one of the most important concept in the lexicon of Western political thought. Aristotle and Natural Law argues that Aristotle's ethics is best seen as a certain type of natural law theory which does not allow for the possibility that individuals might appeal to natural law in order to criticize existing laws and institutions. Rather its function is to provide them with a philosophical justification from the standpoint of Aristotle's metaphysics.

New Perspectives On Distributive Justice

Author : Manuel Knoll
ISBN : 9783110536201
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 25. 95 MB
Format : PDF
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Distributive justice is one of the most discussed topics in political philosophy. Focusing on the plurality of irreconcilable conceptions of social and political justice, this book presents an array of new perspectives on the topic. Bringing together 30 original essays of well-established and young international scholars, the volume is essential reading for anyone interested in social and political justice.

Aristotle S Politics

Author : Judith A. Swanson
ISBN : 9780826484994
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An accessible introduction to Aristotle's Politics - a classic of political theory, widely considered to be the founding text of Western political science.


Author : Otfried Hoffe
ISBN : 079145634X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 25. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive introduction to the life and work of Aristotle.

The Continuum Encyclopedia Of British Philosophy

Author : A. C. Grayling
ISBN : 1843711419
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 79. 51 MB
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The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy employs a wide construal of 'philosophy' that was common in former centuries. Its biographical entries include writers on mainstream philosophical topics whose individual contribution was small (for example, writers of textbooks or minor critics of major figures). But the encyclopedia also includes celebrated figures from other intellectual domains (e.g. poets, mathematicians, scientists and clergymen) who had something to say on topics that count as broadly philosophical. This interdisciplinary approach, coupled with sophisticated indexing and cross-referencing, makes CEBP easily accessible to students and specialists across a huge range of subjects. It will become a highly important resource to support teaching and research in literature, history, classics, cultural studies, politics, economics, language, aesthetics, psychology and science, as well as in mainstream philosophy itself.

The Fifth Essence

Author : Lawrence M. Krauss
ISBN : 0465023770
Genre : Dark matter (Astronomy)
File Size : 87. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Examines the work of scientists seeking to prove the existence of an elusive fifth essence, an invisible form of matter which may occupy ninety-percent of the universe


Author : Lawrence M. Krauss
ISBN : 009942228X
Genre : Dark matter (Astronomy)
File Size : 22. 36 MB
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Will the universe continue to expand forever, reverse its expansion and begin to contract, or reach a delicately poised state where it simply persists forever? The answer depends on the amount and properties of matter in the universe, and that has given rise to one of the great paradoxes of modern cosmology; there is too little visible matter to account for the behaviour we can see. Over 90 percent of the universe consists of 'missing mass' or 'dark matter' - what Lawrence Krauss, in his classic book, termed "the fifth essence". In this new edition ofThe Fifth Essence, retitledQuintessenceafter the now widely accepted term for dark matter, Krauss shows how the dark matter problem is now connected with two of the hottest areas in recent cosmology: the fate of the universe and the "cosmological constant." With a new introduction, epilogue and chapter updates, Krauss updates his classic and shares one of the most stunning discoveries of recent years: an antigravity force that explains recent observations of a permanently expanding universe.

Exploring The Limits Of Preclassical Mechanics

Author : Peter Damerow
ISBN : 038720573X
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 28. 3 MB
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The question of when and how the basic concepts that characterize modern science arose in Western Europe has long been central to the history of science. This book examines the transition from Renaissance engineering and philosophy of nature to classical mechanics oriented on the central concept of velocity. Descartes, Galileo, and other protagonists of what the authors call "preclassical mechanics" struggled with fundamental concepts and contributed crucial insights to classical mechanics, but it is not clear that they actually realized these insights themselves. This book argues that the emergence of classical mechanics was neither a cumulative change nor an abrupt revolution, but rather that the transformation was the result of exploring the limits and exhausting the possibilities of the existing, largely Aristotelian conceptual system. In the dozen years that have passed since the appearance of the first edition, significant research has been done on Descartes and Galileo and the origins of modern science. There have also been important advances in the accessibility of sources and in technology for analyzing them. For this new edition, the authors take account of the most important new results. They include a new discussion of the doctrine of proportions, an analysis of the role of traditional statics in the construction of Descartes' impact rules, and go deeper into the debate between Descartes and Hobbes on the explanation of refraction. They also provide significant new material on the early development of Galileo's work on mechanics and the law of fall. All translations have been reviewed and revised for consistency of terminology and several new documents have been added. The bibliography has been updated to take account of new literature.

Author : توماس هوبز
ISBN : 9796500033068
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 80. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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إنّ كتاب اللوياثان الذي وضعه (سنة 1651)، من الكتب المؤسِّسة لنظرية الفلسفة، وهو يبتكر أسطورة السلطة المطلقة فيضع ركائز التقليد السياسي الحديث.. فقد قرّر البشر، استناداً إلى قُدرتهم الخاصّة على العزم والتفكير، أن يُزوّدوا أنفُسَهُم بقانون مُشترَك ومُصطَنَع، وعندها لم يعد القانون يرتكز على العالم الإلهي، بل على العالم الإنساني. واللفياثان هو كائن بحري خرافي له رأس تنين وجسد وأفعى ويرد ذكره مرات عدة في الكتاب المقدس، أما هوبز فيستعمله ليصور سلطة الحاكم أو الدولة التي يستبدل بها الناس ضمن عقد اجتماعي جديد سلطة الدين أو اللاهوت.

Encyclopedia Of Philosophy Appendix Additional Articles Thematic Outline Bibliographies Index

Author : Donald M. Borchert
ISBN : 0028660986
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 90. 35 MB
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