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Archaic And Classical Greek Epigram

Author : Manuel Baumbach
ISBN : 9780521118057
Genre : History
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Explores dialogue between Archaic and Classical Greek epigrams and their readers and argues for their often-unacknowledged literary and aesthetic achievement.

Archaic Greece

Author : Anthony M. Snodgrass
ISBN : 0520043731
Genre : History
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The Ecstatic And The Archaic

Author : Paul Bishop
ISBN : 9781351403429
Genre : Psychology
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The word ‘archaic’ derives from the Greek arkhaios, which in turn is related to the word arch?, meaning ‘principle’, ‘origin’, or ‘cause’; the notion of ecstasy, or ekstasis, implies standing outside or beyond oneself, a self-transcendence. How these two concepts are articulated and co-implicated constitutes the core question underlying this edited collection, which examines both the present day and antiquity in order to trace the insistent presence of the ecstatic amid the archaic. Presented in three parts, the contributors to this diverse book take the concept of the archaic in an entirely new direction. Part I, 'Ecstasy and the psychological', covers topics including Jung, Freud, ancient psychotherapy, desire, and theatre. Part II, 'Ecstatic-archaic history', considers Ludwig Klages, Orestes and Dionysus. Finally, Part III, 'Ancient ecstatic in other worlds', examines Luo Guanzhong’s Three Kingdoms and Enki at Eridu. The collection offers a distinctive contextualisation of the dimension of the archaic in relation to the ecstatic experience. The Ecstatic and the Archaic will appeal to readers interested in the relationship between ancient and postmodern worlds, and in how the past manifests itself in the present. It will be of great interest to academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian ideas, classical religions and the history of ideas, as well as practitioners of analytical psychology and psychoanalysis.

Archaeological Geology Of The Archaic Period In North America

Author : E. Arthur Bettis III
ISBN : 9780813722979
Genre : Science
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The Archaic Period is the longest and one of the most transitional of the cultural periods in North America. Its exact date varied across the continent, but it is distinguished from the earlier Paleo-Indian cultures by new styles of projectile points and other artifacts, and from the later prehistor

Citizens In The Graeco Roman World

Author : Lucia Cecchet
ISBN : 9789004352612
Genre : Citizenship
File Size : 57. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Iconography Of Sculptured Statue Bases In The Archaic And Classical Periods

Author : Angeliki Kosmopoulou
ISBN : 0299176401
Genre : Art
File Size : 90. 67 MB
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The only systematic study in any language of all known Greek statue bases with sculptural relief, both surviving and known through literary sources

Archaic Greek Epigram And Dedication

Author : Joseph W. Day
ISBN : 9780521896306
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 62 MB
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"By the end of the Archaic period, Greek sanctuaries were bursting with dedications, including many that bore epigrams. This study views dedications comprehensively as sites of ritual efficacy, and in particular it recovers epigrams' reflections of and contributions to that efficacy and restores them to an important place in the panorama of Greek religious practice. In order to reconstruct the Archaic experience of reading and viewing, the book draws on studies of traditional poetic language as resonant with immanent meaning, early Greek poetry as socially and religiously effective performance, and viewing art as an active response of aesthetic appreciation. It argues that reading epigrams while viewing dedications generated effects of religious ritual and poetic performance, and that visual and verbal representation of the dedicator's act of offering associated that rite with similar effects, thereby framing the experiences of readers and viewers as reperformances of the earlier occasion"--

A Dictionary Of Archaic And Provincial Words Obsolete Phrases Proverbs And Ancient Customs From The Fourteenth Century By James Orchard Halliwell

Author :
ISBN : IBNF:CF005693099
Genre :
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A Dictionary Of Archaic Provincial Words Obsolete Phrases Proverbs Ancient Customs Form The Fourteenth Century

Author : James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps
ISBN : NYPL:33433069244469
Genre : English language
File Size : 53. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Archaic Period

Author : George A. Christopoulos
ISBN : UCSC:32106005841124
Genre : History
File Size : 86. 97 MB
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This volume covers the period from the fall of the Mycenaean palaces in 1100 BC to the end of the Persian wars in 479 BC and deals with the consolidation of the Hellenic world during the critical stages of the Geometric and Archaic periods. It is the story of the six centuries that shaped the destiny of Greece and laid the foundations of Western civilization. It was during this period, around 800 BC, that the institution of the city-state, that unique political structure in history, appeared and expanded. As an autonomous sovereign state consisting of a single town and the land around it, the polis witnessed the development of forms of government ranging from monarchy and aristocracy to the purest form of democracy. At the same time, an explosive expansion of the Greeks from the Caucasus in the East to Gibraltar in the West led, around 770 BC, to the colonization of Ionia in Asia Minor and, somewhat later, of Southern Italy and Sicily. It was then that the Homeric epics were first recited and that life in flourishing city-states stimulated the intellectual and artistic achievements that were to follow. Science, art, and philosophy and, later, history and geography had entered upon a magnificent flowering of genius which was to exert thereafter a deep and lasting impression upon the mind of Western man. It was almost inevitable that sooner or later the Greeks should meet in conflict the mighty and rapidly expanding Empire of the Persians in the East. The Persian conquest of the Greek cities of Ionia and the rebellion against the conqueror in 499 BC marked the beginning of a struggle between East and West which was to culminate in great victories at Marathon, Salamis, and Plataiai and the triumph of Greek democracy.

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