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Another Kind Of Truth

Author : Michael Creighton Moench
ISBN : OCLC:979568874
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The connection between music and the formation of identity has been extensively explored in Ethnomusicology, as has the connection between music and the articulation of personal truth and knowledge. One peculiar artifact in the history of American popular music that raises many questions about both identity and truth is the interaction between musical performance and personal mythology. Many musicians have actively cultivated a mythic self--‐conception, while still others have gone to the lengths of creating an entire new name and history for themselves in their performances and recordings. My interest in this essay is to explore the production, transmission and modification of mythemes and mythology in conjunction with the production of musical sounds and other aspects of performative artistry. In particular I am examining the careers of Sun Ra, Jimi Hendrix, Sly & The Family Stone, Parliament--‐ Funkadelic and Prince in order to explore how and why these musicians created a coherent mythology in their art, or contributed to mythic, archetypal conceptions of themselves in the press and popular culture. Rather than analyzing the musical and visual productions of these artists as expressions contingent on the narrative or ideological intentions of their respective “myths”, or taking the reverse course of treating alter--‐egos and personal myths as superficial trappings of show business that coexists with the true essence of their art (e.g. the music itself) I am examining the recursive interaction between sound, image, and storytelling. Drawing on concepts from scholars of myth like Claude Levi--‐Strauss, Joseph Campbell and Bruce Lincoln, as well as scholars of Black Music history such as Paul Gilroy and Guthrie Ramsey, I intend to demonstrate that in art as in life, mythology is a vital part of how we perceive our world and ourselves. Furthermore, these examples illustrate that art is often a holistic experience where elements of sound, vision, and story are interdependent and can seldom if ever be truly separated.

Torture And Truth Routledge Revivals

Author : Page duBois
ISBN : 9781315470870
Genre : History
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First published in 1991, this book — through the examination of ancient Greek literary, philosophical and legal texts — analyses how the Athenian torture of slaves emerged from and reinforced the concept of truth as something hidden in the human body. It discusses the tradition of understanding truth as something that is generally concealed and the ideas of ‘secret space’ in both the female body and the Greek temple. This philosophy and practice is related to Greek views of the ‘Other’ (women and outsiders) and considers the role of torture in distinguishing slave and free in ancient Athens. A wide range of perspectives — from Plato to Sartre — are employed to examine the subject.


Author : Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
ISBN : 9781466852396
Genre : Philosophy
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Written by a renowned Oxford historian, this fascinating volume presents a global history of truth. Sharp and authoritative, Truth manages to touch every period of human experience; it leaps from truth-telling technologies of "primitive" societies to the private mental worlds of great philosophers; from spiritualism to science and from New York to New Guinea. In clear, lucid prose, this little book takes on an enormous subject and makes it understandable to anyone.

I Am The Truth

Author : Michel Henry
ISBN : 0804737800
Genre : Religion
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A part of the "return to religion" now evident in European philosophy, this book represents the culmination of the career of a leading phenomenologist who investigates the multiple kinds of truth associated with Christianity.

Another Kind Of Madness

Author : Stephen Hinshaw
ISBN : 9781250113368
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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"Families are riddled with untold secrets. But Stephen Hinshaw would have never thought that in his family a profound secret had been kept under lock and key for 18 years. From the moment his father revealed his long history with mental illness and involuntary hospitalizations, Hinshaw knew his life would be changed forever. Hinshaw calls his father's reveal "psychological birth"--after years of experiencing the ups and downs of his father's illness without knowing it existed, watching him disappear for weeks at a time only to return as the loving father he had always known, everything he experienced as a child began to make sense. He learned as much as possible about his father's illness, and what began as an exploration into his father's past and mental health turned into a full-fledged career as a clinical psychologist. In Another Kind of Madness, Hinshaw explores the burden of living in a family "loaded" with mental illness and debunks the "stigma" behind it, explaining that in today's society, mental health problems can result in a loss of a driver's license, inability to vote or run for office, ineligibility for jury service, or automatic relinquishment of child custody. With a moving personal narrative and shocking facts about how America views mental health conditions in the 21st century, Another Kind of Madness is a passionate call to arms regarding the importance of destigmatizing mental illness"--

Another Kind Of Life

Author : Anita Mwikali Hansen
ISBN : 9788771147384
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Another Kind Of Life\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" describes the emotional truth about my existence, and how I grew up in extreme poverty under the care of my grandmother, who had a secret I was never aware of. Struggling through my life\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s hardest challenges without a father and an insane mother, I finally managed to submerge from the deep waters of poverty to a different kind of life. Just as I was getting comfortable with my life, the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"secret\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" bomb exploded. I survived to tell the tale and even though today I have another kind of life, the anguish still dwells beneath my skin, close to my bones. Anita Mwikali Hansen was born in Kenya in 1969. After settling down in Denmark with her husband and her five children she managed to publish her first biography \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Another Kind Of Life\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\."

Bruno Or On The Natural And Divine Principle Of Things

Author : Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
ISBN : 9781438418919
Genre : Philosophy
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Makes Schelling’s dialogue Bruno readily accessible to the English-language reader, with valuable commentary on the work itself, which details Schelling’s account of his differences from Fichte.

Salomon Maimon Rational Dogmatist Empirical Skeptic

Author : Gideon Freudenthal
ISBN : 9789401729369
Genre : Philosophy
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The essays of leading scholars collected in this volume focus on Salomon Maimon’s (1753-1800) synthesis of 'Rational Dogmatism' and 'Empirical Skepticism'. This collection is of interest to scholars working in the fields of history of philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, rationalism and empiricism as well as Jewish Studies.

Truth And The New Kind Of Christian

Author : R. Scott Smith
ISBN : 9781433518430
Genre : Religion
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The latest clarion call in the never-ending cavalcade of "what's new" in the evangelical world is the confident assertion from some quarters that the church needs to embrace "postmodernism" if it is going to engage postmoderns effectively. Pastors trying to break down the often indigestible subject matter of postmodernism into bite-size chunks in order to equip their people to engage it, and teachers who are aiming at giving their students a working knowledge of the way postmodernism is impacting the church will find a good deal of help from Smith. -J. Ligon Duncan III, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi Scott Smith and I agree on a lot. We share a deep commitment to Jesus Christ, a love of the Bible, and a passion for the church. We also agree that we're currently living in a liminal time, and it's those "boundary times" when people look most closely at the beliefs that underlie their practices. So, we've all got some things to figure out right now, including what we can really know and the certainty with which we can state our claims in a pluralistic society. I appreciate Scott's voice in this conversation. He is a careful reader of my work, and he writes with a gracious and generous tone. Interlocutors like Scott will be a helpful challenge to all of us in the "emerging church." I consider him a friendly critic and a brother in Christ. -Tony Jones, author of Postmodern Youth Ministry and National Director, Emergent Scott Smith is uniquely suited to enter the Emergent conversation with this helpful volume. Not only is he an analytic philosopher with a razor-sharp mind who has specialized in analyzing postmodernistic views on the relationship between language and the world, but he is also a man who cares for the lost, loves the church, and has an ability to communicate complex truths to people in the pew. -Justin Taylor, Executive Editor, Desiring God Every leader in the new Emergent Movement will want to read this fascinating book. They simply will not find a more engaging, knowledgeable, balanced, and kind treatment of their concerns, ideas, and practices. -Craig J. Hazen, Professor of Comparative Religion, Biola University Scott Smith's study challenges us to take seriously the truth claim of the gospel both in how we proclaim it in words and in how we manifest it in our personal and community lives. -Gary Inrig, Senior Pastor, Trinity Church, Redlands, California


Author : Alexander Piatigorsky
ISBN : 9781448162017
Genre : Social Science
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This study considers the institution of Freemasonry from the point of view of both masons and their critics, as well as from the author's own. In the first section, it gives an outline of masonic history, from the foundation of the Grand Lodge in Covent Garden in 1717 through its major role in Enlightenment Europe and the American War of Independence, its many tribulations and schisms in the 19th century to the present day. The book looks at one of the main sources of masonic history, Anderson's "Constitutions", which documents masonic practice and the masons' mythical history back to Hiram Abiff, the first Master Mason in the reign of King Solomon.

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