ancient egypt secrets explained the influences behind egyptian history mythology the impact on world civilization

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Ancient Egypt Secrets Explained

Author : Jeffrey Houston
ISBN : 1533451966
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When we think of Ancient Egypt we think of the great pyramids, the Sphinx, Egyptian gods and the great myths...but what influenced this great civilization to create and live as they did? This book provides a unique insight into how ancient Egypt's fascination with death and the afterlife shaped Egypt's great architecture, beliefs, and ultimate influence on world civilization. Understand the state of mind and belief system of this great ancient civilization Unlike other books on the subject, this book digs deeper and explores the real influence behind the Egyptian way of life, from the use of mummies to worshiping their gods and aims to provide a clearer understanding of the mindset of the Egyptians at that time in history. What were the mysteries and myths of ancient Egypt? Discover the faith structure that incorporated Egyptians gods. Understand their purposes and the reason why these deities occupied the daily lives of the Egyptians. Deities such as; Anubis, Horus, Sobek, Isis and Osiris Read about Egyptian architecture. Understand the story of the Great Pyramids, Sphinx and valley of the kings, the Pharoahs responsible for commissioning these magnificent structures and how modern day man had interpreted what was found. What impact did Ancient Egypt have on modern day civilization? Learn how Egyptian beliefs had a bearing on Judaism and Christianity, the similarities in faith and the resulting legacy that was formed. This book is an unparalleled look at ancient Egypt, unmatched in its viewpoint and attempts to unearth the wonders of this Era!

The Pyramids And The Great Sphinx Of Giza

Author : Charles River Editors
ISBN : 1543030939
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*Includes pictures of the Sphinx and the pyramids. *Discusses the theories about their age, construction, and purpose. *Covers the archaeological and cultural history of the Sphinx and the pyramids. *Includes footnotes and a Bibliography. "When we find something new at Giza, we announce it to the world. The Sphinx and the Pyramids are world treasures. We are the guardian's of these treasures, but they belong to the world." - Zahi Hawass, Egyptologist The pyramids of Egypt are such recognizable symbols of antiquity that for millennia, people have made assumptions about what they are and why they exist, without full consideration of the various meanings these ancient symbolic structures have had over the centuries. Generations have viewed them as symbols of a lost past, which in turn is often portrayed as a world full of romance and mystery. This verbal meaning has become associated with the structures through the tourism industry, where intrigue obviously boosts ticket sales. In fact, the Egyptian pyramids are so old that they were also drawing tourists even in ancient times. In antiquity, the Great Pyramid of Giza was listed as one of Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, and it is the only one still surviving today. The age and structural integrity of the pyramids also make them symbols of longevity and power, which is only fitting because those are two purposes the ancient pharaohs who commissioned these works intended them to serve. For the pharaohs, the construction of these large monuments presented an opportunity for them to showcase their influence and become something to be remembered by, both in the society they ruled and in the annals of history that would follow. Even as new dynasties came and went, and even as Egypt was subjected to foreign domination and rulers from across the world, the pyramids have continued to stand as a prominent testament to Ancient Egypt's glorious past. The famous "Riddle of the Sphinx," told by Sophocles in his play Oedipus Rex in the 5th century B.C., characterized the sphinx as a clever and powerful creature, and even today young kids learn about the story. But the mysteries of the Egyptian statue were discussed even among the ancient Romans; Pliny the Elder, the famous Roman author and philosopher killed in Pompeii during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., wrote in his Natural Histories that contemporary Egyptians considered the Sphinx a "divinity" and "that King Harmais was buried in it." Nearly 2,000 years later, people still wonder about the origins of the statue, but most believe it was constructed around the middle of the 3rd millennium B.C. As anyone who has seen the statue is now aware, it has suffered weatherization damage, and even the sources of the damage has been debated and turned into the stuff of legend, as evidenced by the story of Napoleon's French soldiers shooting off the Sphinx's nose. In conjunction with that, there are mysteries over the archaeological history of the statue, including whether the ancient Egyptians themselves attempted to excavate the Sphinx and clear the sands that were beginning to cover it up. This book comprehensively covers the facts, mysteries, and theories surrounding the pyramids and the Sphinx. Along with pictures and a bibliography, you will learn about them like never before.

Aliens In Ancient Egypt

Author : Xaviant Haze
ISBN : 9781591438281
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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The alien influences behind the rise and fall of Egypt’s Golden Age • Explains how Akhenaten was the last pharaoh entrusted with the sacred and ancient alien knowledge of stargates, free energy, and antigravity technologies • Reveals how the Brotherhood of the Snake, a secret society of reptilian aliens, sought to destroy Akhenaten and suppress the sacred knowledge of the pharaohs • Explores the original purpose of the pyramids--to transmit energy to expand consciousness--and how they were decommissioned after the Great Flood The sophisticated civilization of ancient Egypt arose seemingly overnight, complete with advanced levels of art, agriculture, astronomy, and physics. Then, with the death of Pharaoh Akhenaten, much of this higher knowledge was lost--or suppressed. But evidence of this former Golden Age, the alien visitors behind its rise, and those behind its decline still exists--some of it in plain sight. Examining the purposefully obscured reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, Xaviant Haze explains how they represent the last dynasty with access to the sacred knowledge of stargates, free energy, and antigravity technologies, knowledge handed down from an advanced interstellar race in the remote past. He reveals how the reptilian race known as the Shemsu Hor infiltrated the Egyptian priesthood and banking systems and formed the Brotherhood of the Snake--a secret society set on destroying Akhenaten’s flourishing kingdom and suppressing the sacred knowledge of the pharaohs. Haze examines the evidence of aliens in ancient Egypt, such as the reptilian beings depicted in the Temple of Hathor and Thutmose III’s alien encounter. He shows how Akhenaten and his family are always portrayed with elongated skulls and explores the connection between ancient aliens and Mars, including the Martian materials used in Egyptian monuments. He explains the original purpose of the pyramids--to transmit uplifting energy throughout the planet to help expand consciousness--and explores how they were decommissioned after the Great Flood of prehistory. He reveals how the original builders of the pyramids foresaw humanity’s fall from the Golden Age and strategically encoded these magnificent structures to wake humanity from the depths of the Dark Ages.

The Egyptian Book Of The Dead

Author : Anonymous
ISBN : 9781632957030
Genre : History
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E.A. Wallis Budge was an English philologist and writer who worked for the British museum.Budge wrote and translated a lot of works on the ancient East after taking multiple trips to Egypt and the Sudan.This edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead was translated by Budge and includes a table of contents and illustrations from the text.

The Rise And Fall Of Ancient Egypt

Author : Toby Wilkinson
ISBN : 9780679604297
Genre : History
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In this landmark work, one of the world’s most renowned Egyptologists tells the epic story of this great civilization, from its birth as the first nation-state to its final absorption into the Roman Empire—three thousand years of wild drama, bold spectacle, and unforgettable characters. Award-winning scholar Toby Wilkinson captures not only the lavish pomp and artistic grandeur of this land of pyramids and pharaohs but for the first time reveals the constant propaganda and repression that were its foundations. Drawing upon forty years of archaeological research, Wilkinson takes us inside an exotic tribal society with a pre-monetary economy and decadent, divine kings who ruled with all-too-recognizable human emotions. Here are the years of the Old Kingdom, where Pepi II, made king as an infant, was later undermined by rumors of his affair with an army general, and the Middle Kingdom, a golden age of literature and jewelry in which the benefits of the afterlife became available for all, not just royalty—a concept later underlying Christianity. Wilkinson then explores the legendary era of the New Kingdom, a lost world of breathtaking opulence founded by Ahmose, whose parents were siblings, and who married his sister and transformed worship of his family into a national cult. Other leaders include Akhenaten, the “heretic king,” who with his wife Nefertiti brought about a revolution with a bold new religion; his son Tutankhamun, whose dazzling tomb would remain hidden for three millennia; and eleven pharaohs called Ramesses, the last of whom presided over the militarism, lawlessness, and corruption that caused a crucial political and societal decline. Riveting and revelatory, filled with new information and unique interpretations, The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt will become the standard source about this great civilization, one that lasted—so far—longer than any other. From the Hardcover edition.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids And Pharaohs

Author : Baby Professor
ISBN : 9781682809167
Genre : Literary Collections
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Bring ancient Egypt back to life with this fun educational book! What makes this book unique is that it tackles the subject of pharaohs and pyramids in a highly interactive way. There are only a handful of texts included so there’s more space for pictures, and the imagination. Go ahead and secure a copy of this learning resource today!

Magicians Of The Gods

Author : Graham Hancock
ISBN : 9781250045928
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 29 MB
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Originally published: London: Coronet, an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton, an Hachette UK Company, 2015.


Author : Martin R. Phillips
ISBN : 1516826604
Genre : Mythology, Egyptian
File Size : 20. 22 MB
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This title contains a masterful explanation of the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse Mythology. From the gods to the titans to all of the ancient legends and the folk lore, this book has it all.

Ancient Egyptian Magic

Author : Bob Brier
ISBN : 0688036546
Genre : Magic
File Size : 34. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Pyramid Texts

Author : Samuel Alfred Browne Mercer
ISBN : 9781613101919
Genre : Egyptian language
File Size : 55. 90 MB
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The Egyptian pyramid texts, which are the basis of this work, were collected and inscribed on the walls of five royal pyramids at Sakkareh between the years 2350 and 2175 B.C. The present work is the first English translation with commentary.

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