american anthrax fear crime and the investigation of the nation s deadliest bioterror attack

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American Anthrax

Author : Jeanne Guillemin
ISBN : 9781429973151
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23. 74 MB
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From Jeanne Guillemin, one of the world's leading experts on anthrax and bioterrorism, the definitive account of the anthrax investigation It was the most complex case in FBI history. In what became a seven-year investigation that began shortly after 9/11—with America reeling from the terror attacks of al Qaeda—virulent anthrax spores sent through the mail killed Bob Stevens, a Florida tabloid photo editor. His death and, days later, the discovery in New York and Washington, D.C. of letters filled with anthrax sent shock waves through the nation. Federal agencies were blindsided by the attacks, which eventually killed five people. Taken off guard, the FBI struggled to combine on-the-ground criminal investigation with progress in advanced bioforensic analyses of the letters' contents. While the criminal eluded justice, disinformation swirled around the letters, erroneously linking them to Iraq's WMD threat and foreign bioterrorism. Without oversight, billions were lavished on biomedical defenses against anthrax and other exotic diseases. Worst of all, faith in federal justice faltered. American Anthrax is a gripping tale of terror, intrigue, madness, and cover-up.

Recounting The Anthrax Attacks

Author : R. Scott Decker
ISBN : 9781538101506
Genre : Law
File Size : 86. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book documents and reveals new information about the anthrax attacks of 2001. Decker provides first-hand perspective detailing the new science, microbial forensics, and parts of the investigation unknown to the public.

The 2001 Anthrax Deception

Author : Graeme MacQueen
ISBN : 9780986073137
Genre : Anthrax
File Size : 75. 15 MB
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The anthrax letter attacks occurred from September through November of 2001, killing five and wounding many. The attacks were widely held to be the work of Muslims and were used to support the invasion of Afghanistan and, later, the invasion of Iraq. They were used explicitly and repeatedly to justify the passing of the Patriot Act. They were also meant to support withdrawal from the Antiballistic Missile Treaty, a withdrawal eagerly sought by the neoconservatives associated with the Project for a New American Century who wished to pursue their global agenda without obstruction from small states with WMD. In the early days of the attacks there were several perpetrator hypotheses in play. One that gained prominence was the Double Perpetrator hypothesis according to which Iraq had supplied the sophisticated anthrax spores while al-Qaeda had supplied the foot soldiers responsible for preparing and sending the letters. This hypothesis was eagerly reported by the mainstream media. It came to grief quickly when scientists discovered that the anthrax spores had a domestic source and appeared to come from the heart of the US military and intelligence communities. The FBI rapidly began a search for "the anthrax killer," promoting the idea that there was a lone wolf perpetrator within the military community--a renegade, an unbalanced person whose behavior revealed nothing of significance about structures and institutions of the deep state. In 2008 the Bureau named Dr. Bruce Ivins of the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases as the "anthrax killer." Ivins had conveniently died a week before being named and could not fight back in court. Ivins remains the FBI's choice to this day: the case was closed in 2010. This book support with a great deal of evidence the following four assertions: (a) the anthrax letter attacks were carried out by a group of perpetrators, not by a ?lone wolf;? (b) the group that perpetrated this crime was composed, in whole or in part, of deep insiders within the U.S. state apparatus; (c) these insiders were connected to the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks; (d) the anthrax attacks were meant to play an important role in the strategy of redefinition through which the Cold War was replaced by a new global conflict framework, the Global War on Terror. --Provided by publisher.

Local Planning For Terror And Disaster

Author : Leonard A. Cole
ISBN : 9781118397756
Genre : Science
File Size : 68. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Local Planning for Terror and Disaster gives voice toexperts in key fields involved with local preparedness, assessingthe quality of preparedness in each field, and offering directionsfor improvement. Introductory chapters provide overviews ofterror medicine, security and communications, which areindispensable to successful preparedness, while subsequent chaptersconcentrate on a particular field and how responders from thatfield communicate and interact with others during and after anevent. Thus, a chapter by a physician discusses not onlythe doctor's role but how that role is, or should be, coordinatedwith emergency medical technicians and police. Similarly,chapters by law enforcement figures also review policeresponsibilities and interactions with nurses, EMTs, volunteers andother relevant responders. Developed from topics at recent Symposia on Terror Medicine andSecurity, Local Planning also encompasses aspects ofemergency and disaster medicine, as well as techniques fordiagnosis, rescue, coordination and security that are distinctiveto a terrorist attack. Each chapter also includesa case study that demonstrates preparedness, or lack thereof,for a real or hypothetical event, including lessons learned, nextsteps, and areas for improvement in this globalera which increasingly calls for preparedness at a locallevel.

International Handbook Of Threat Assessment

Author : J. Reid Meloy
ISBN : 9780199924554
Genre : Medical
File Size : 33. 43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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International Handbook of Threat Assessment offers a definition of the foundations of threat assessment, systematically explores its fields of practice, and provides information and instruction on the best practices of threat assessment.

Hidden Atrocities

Author : Jeanne Guillemin
ISBN : 9780231544986
Genre : History
File Size : 24. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the aftermath of World War II, the Allied intent to bring Axis crimes to light led to both the Nuremberg trials and their counterpart in Tokyo, the International Military Tribunal of the Far East. Yet the Tokyo Trial failed to prosecute imperial Japanese leaders for the worst of war crimes: inhumane medical experimentation, including vivisection and open-air pathogen and chemical tests, which rivaled Nazi atrocities, as well as mass attacks using plague, anthrax, and cholera that killed thousands of Chinese civilians. In Hidden Atrocities, Jeanne Guillemin goes behind the scenes at the trial to reveal the American obstruction that denied justice to Japan’s victims. Responsibility for Japan’s secret germ-warfare program, organized as Unit 731 in Harbin, China, extended to top government leaders and many respected scientists, all of whom escaped indictment. Instead, motivated by early Cold War tensions, U.S. military intelligence in Tokyo insinuated itself into the Tokyo Trial by blocking prosecution access to key witnesses and then classifying incriminating documents. Washington decision makers, supported by the American occupation leader, General Douglas MacArthur, sought to acquire Japan’s biological-warfare expertise to gain an advantage over the Soviet Union, suspected of developing both biological and nuclear weapons. Ultimately, U.S. national-security goals left the victims of Unit 731 without vindication. Decades later, evidence of the Unit 731 atrocities still troubles relations between China and Japan. Guillemin’s vivid account of the cover-up at the Tokyo Trial shows how without guarantees of transparency, power politics can jeopardize international justice, with persistent consequences.

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