a panchromatic view of galaxies

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A Panchromatic View Of Galaxies

Author : Alessandro Boselli
ISBN : 9783527640263
Genre : Science
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Describing how to investigate all kinds of galaxies through a multifrequency analysis, this text is divided into three different sections. The first describes the data currently available at different frequencies, from X-rays to UV, optical, infrared and radio millimetric and centimetric, while explaining their physical meaning. In the second section, the author explains how these data can be used to determine physical parameters and quantities, such as mass and temperature. The final section is devoted to describing how the derived quantities can be used in a multifrequency analysis to study such physical processes as the star formation cycle and constrain models of galaxy evolution. As a result, observers will be able to interpret galaxies and their structure.

Panchromatic View Of Galaxies

Author : Gerhard Hensler
ISBN : 2863321455
Genre : Extragalactic astronomy
File Size : 71. 80 MB
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From The Realm Of The Nebulae To Populations Of Galaxies

Author : Mauro D'Onofrio
ISBN : 9783319310060
Genre : Science
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In order to outline possible future directions in galaxy research, this book wants to be a short stopover, a moment of self-reflection of the past century of achievements in this area. Since the pioneering years of galaxy research in the early 20th century, the research on galaxies has seen a relentless advance directly connected to the parallel exponential growth of new technologies. Through a series of interviews with distinguished astronomers the editors provide a snapshot of the achievements obtained in understanding galaxies. While many initial questions about their nature have been addressed, many are still open and require new efforts to achieve a solution. The discussions may reveal paradigms worthwhile revisiting. With the help of some of those scientists who have contributed to it, the editors sketch the history of this scientific journey and ask them for inspirations for future directions of galaxy research.

A Pan Chromatic View Of Clusters Of Galaxies And The Large Scale Structure

Author : Manolis Plionis
ISBN : 9781402069406
Genre : Science
File Size : 88. 11 MB
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The reviews presented in this volume cover a huge range of cluster of galaxies topics. Readers will find the book essential reading on subjects such as the physics of the ICM gas, the internal cluster dynamics, and the detection of clusters using different observational techniques. The expert chapter authors also cover the huge advances being made in analytical or numerical modeling of clusters, weak and strong lensing effects, and the large scale structure as traced by clusters.

The Evolution Of Galaxies

Author : Marc Sauvage
ISBN : 1402006225
Genre : Science
File Size : 45. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Galaxies have a history. This has become clear from recent sky surveys which have shown that distant galaxies, formed early in the life of the Universe, differ from the nearby ones. New observational windows at ultraviolet, infrared and millimetric wavelengths (provided by ROSAT, IRAM, IUE, IRAS, ISO) have revealed that galaxies contain a wealth of components: very hot gas, atomic hydrogen, molecules, dust, dark matter ... A significant advance is expected due to new instruments (VLT, FIRST, XMM) which will allow one to explore the most distant Universe. Three Euroconferences have been planned to punctuate this new epoch in galactic research, bringing together specialists in various fields of Astronomy. The first one, held in Granada (Spain) in May 2000, addressed the observational clues. The second one took place in October 2001 in St Denis de la Réunion (France) and reviewed the basic building blocks and small-scale processes in galaxy evolution. The third one will take place in July 2002 in Kiel (Germany) and will be devoted to the overall modelling of galaxy evolution. This book contains the proceedings of the second conference. It is suitable for researchers and PhD students in Astrophysics.

Mitteilungen Der Astronomischen Gesellschaft

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015068672057
Genre : Astronomy
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Fresh Views Of Elliptical Galaxies

Author : Alberto Buzzoni
ISBN : UOM:39015037271288
Genre : Science
File Size : 56. 40 MB
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The Spectral Energy Distribution Of Galaxies Sed 2011 Iau S284

Author : Richard J. Tuffs
ISBN : 1107019842
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 28 MB
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Recent observational developments are providing the first truly panchromatic view of galaxies, extending from the radio to TeV gamma-rays. This is motivating the development of new models for the interpretation of spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of galaxies in terms of the formation, evolution and emission of stellar and accretion-driven sources of photons, the interaction of the photons with the gaseous and dust components of the interstellar medium, and high-energy processes involving cosmic rays. IAU Symposium 284 details progress in the development of such models, their relation to fundamental theory, and their application to the interpretation of the panchromatic emission from the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, connecting the latter with models for the evolution of the SEDs of distant galaxies, and the extragalactic background light. IAU S284 is a useful resource for all researchers working with the copious amounts of multiwavelength data for galaxies now becoming available.

Panoramic Views Of Galaxy Formation And Evolution

Author : Tadayuki Kodama
ISBN : 1583816682
Genre : Science
File Size : 22. 24 MB
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"These proceedings of the first meeting of the Subaru International Conference Series held in December 2007 in Hayama, Japan, provide unique up-to-date overviews of the history of galaxy formation and the evolution of the universe. Fascinating and comprehensive observational results as well as many important theoretical achievements were presented by more than 150 active researchers from more than 15 countries and regions. The conference started off with results from recent cutting-edge observations of the very high-redshift universe extending into the cosmic reionization era, together with some theoretical interpretations and predictions for the first generation of galaxies. The history of mass distributions and structure formation at later cosmic times, including clusters of galaxies, was discussed extensively in presentations based on various panoramic survey data sets. Our aim was to showcase and understand the intrinsic galaxy-formation bias in the high-redshift universe and also the role of external environmental effects during the hierarchical assembly of galaxies into denser regions. Various populations of distant galaxies at different redshifts, discovered and studies by many different techniques, were introduced along with the physical relationship between these populations. Our discussion were aimed at assembling these pieces of jigsaw puzzles together into a panoramic and yet detailed structures of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Local Group galaxies were also presented and discussed as a complementary approach to the studies of the high-redshift Universe. In total, 19 invited talks, 46 contributed talks, and 87 poster papers combined to build up a picture of the history of galaxies over the cosmic age. This book is suitable for researchers who are interested in both observational and theoretical aspects of galaxy formation and cosmology, and especially for students seeking an overview of knowledge about galaxy formation to date."--Publisher's website.

Max Planck Gesellschaft Jahrbuch

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0074417981
Genre : Science
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