a nation of takers america s entitlement epidemic new threats to freedom series

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A Nation Of Takers

Author : Nicholas Eberstadt
ISBN : 9781599474366
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 74. 43 MB
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In A Nation of Takers: America’s Entitlement Epidemic, one of our country’s foremost demographers, Nicholas Eberstadt, details the exponential growth in entitlement spending over the past fifty years. As he notes, in 1960, entitlement payments accounted for well under a third of the federal government’s total outlays. Today, entitlement spending accounts for a full two-thirds of the federal budget. Drawing on an impressive array of data and employing a range of easy- to- read, four color charts, Eberstadt shows the unchecked spiral of spending on a range of entitlements, everything from medicare to disability payments. But Eberstadt does not just chart the astonishing growth of entitlement spending, he also details the enormous economic and cultural costs of this epidemic. He powerfully argues that while this spending certainly drains our federal coffers, it also has a very real,long-lasting, negative impact on the character of our citizens. Also included in the book is a response from one of our leading political theorists, William Galston. In his incisive response, he questions Eberstadt’s conclusions about the corrosive effect of entitlements on character and offers his own analysis of the impact of American entitlement growth.

Men Without Work

Author : Nicholas Eberstadt
ISBN : 9781599474700
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 63. 76 MB
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By one reading, things look pretty good for Americans today: the country is richer than ever before and the unemployment rate is down by half since the Great Recession—lower today, in fact, than for most of the postwar era. But a closer look shows that something is going seriously wrong. This is the collapse of work—most especially among America’s men. Nicholas Eberstadt, a political economist who holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute, shows that while “unemployment” has gone down, America’s work rate is also lower today than a generation ago—and that the work rate for US men has been spiraling downward for half a century. Astonishingly, the work rate for American males aged twenty-five to fifty-four—or “men of prime working age”—was actually slightly lower in 2015 than it had been in 1940: before the War, and at the tail end of the Great Depression. Today, nearly one in six prime working age men has no paid work at all—and nearly one in eight is out of the labor force entirely, neither working nor even looking for work. This new normal of “men without work,” argues Eberstadt, is “America’s invisible crisis.” So who are these men? How did they get there? What are they doing with their time? And what are the implications of this exit from work for American society? Nicholas Eberstadt lays out the issue and Jared Bernstein from the left and Henry Olsen from the right offer their responses to this national crisis. For more information, please visit http://menwithoutwork.com.

Dollars Polity And Law

Author : George M. Hall
ISBN : 9781496921147
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 52. 9 MB
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Revamping the Political Economy after the Impending Collapse No country can borrow indefinitely without fatal consequences. But that is just what the United States is doing; adding nearly a trillion dollars annually to its already massive debt, as overseen by a Congress with an approval rating in the 10-to-14 percent range. In the process, the mind-set that spawned the sub-prime mortgage now renders the entire economy sub-prime. This book explains why and how resolution might obtain after the collapse. The essence is termed polity economics, given that the bifurcated concepts of capitalism and socialism have lost their utility yet persist as incompatible political touchstones. This perspective includes some twenty explicit elements, all addressed at length. Yet by itself, it too will also eventually fail. For it is also essential to restate the Constitution so that it becomes efficaciously aligned with the evolved culture and ethic of the United States, especially to instill stability within the fiscal operations that have come to dominate the country. The ABC's of that admittedly profound document simply do not address the D-through-Z's that have devolved over more than two centuries. Excerpts On fiscal carrying capacity. Isn't the United States simply too big to fail? History laughs. Every empire and nation has been laid waste when it continuously reached for more than it could grasp, which leads to the primary argument in this book: --Every economy has a substantive need for just so much money and fungible assets: a carrying capacity, so to speak. When that capacity is exceeded, money becomes a commodity in its own right. Given propensities to accumulate money and inflate values over a bread-and-butter baseline, the econ-omy degenerates in three successive tiers. The first tier harbors the inevitable dis-tensions of economics, such as periodic business cycles and recessions. Yet money remains a tool, not the essence. But if recessions are avoided, money begins to compete with the substantive aspects of an economy. This is the second tier, where leveraged val-ues inherently devolve unstable, followed eventually by a depression. Yet even de-pres-sion can be staved off by massive bailouts and unsustainable debt. This is the third tier. Money takes pri-or-ity over substance, until, that is, the economy collapses. On political versus supposed economic rights. There may be free speech; there is no free lunch."

Individualisierung Und Integration

Author : Peter Sopp
ISBN : 9783322958181
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54. 72 MB
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Author : Malcolm Gladwell
ISBN : 9783593405018
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 24. 51 MB
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Malcolm Gladwell, Bestsellerautor und Star des amerikanischen Buchmarkts, hat die wahren Ursachen des Erfolgs untersucht und darüber ein lehrreiches, faszinierendes Buch geschrieben. Es steckt voller Geschichten und Beispiele, die zeigen, dass auch außergewöhnlicher Erfolg selten etwas mit individuellen Eigenschaften zu tun hat, sondern mit Gegebenheiten, die es dem einen leicht und dem anderen unmöglich machen, erfolgreich zu sein. Die Frage ist nicht, wie jemand ist, sondern woher er kommt: Welche Bedingungen haben diesen Menschen hervorgebracht? Auf seiner anregenden intellektuellen Erkundung der Welt der Überflieger erklärt Gladwell unter anderem das Geheimnis der Softwaremilliardäre, wie man ein herausragender Fußballer wird, warum Asiaten so gut in Mathe sind und was die Beatles zur größten Band aller Zeiten machte.

Democracy S Dangers Discontents

Author : Bruce S. Thornton
ISBN : 9780817917968
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 72. 85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By democracy we usually mean a government comprising popular rule, individual human rights and freedom, and a free-market economy. Yet the flaws in traditional Athenian democracy can instruct us on the weaknesses of that first element of modern democracies shared with Athens: rule by all citizens equally. In Democracy's Dangers & Discontents, Bruce Thornton discusses those criticisms first aired by ancient critics of Athenian democracy, then traces the historical process by which the Republic of the founders has evolved into something similar to ancient democracy, and finally argues for the relevance of those critiques to contemporary U.S. policy. He asserts that many of the problems we face today are the consequences of the increasing democratization of our government and that the flaws of democracy are unlikely to be corrected. He argues that these dangers and discontents do not have to end in soft despotism—that American democracy's aptitude and strength can be recovered by restoring the limited government of the founders.

Schnelles Denken Langsames Denken

Author : Daniel Kahneman
ISBN : 3844512705
Genre :
File Size : 22. 79 MB
Format : PDF
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Politischer Messianismus

Author : Yaʻaqov Lêb Ṭalmôn
ISBN : 9783663075592
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 71. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Die Chancen Unserer Kinder

Author : Paul Tough
ISBN : 9783608105896
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 44. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ein zentraler Aspekt von Toughs Untersuchung sind die Zukunftschancen von Kindern aus der unteren Skala der Gesellschaft. Wenn wir die richtigen Eigenschaften fördern, kann die soziale Schere geschlossen werden. Psychologen, Neurowissenschaftler und Ökonomen, die sich mit der Frage von Erfolg und Persönlichkeit beschäftigen, belegen: Charaktereigenschaften wie Ausdauer, Optimismus, Neugier, Mut und Gewissenhaftigkeit sind ausschlaggebend für späteren Erfolg. Aber wie kann man diese Eigenschaften fördern? Und warum sind sie so sichere Vorhersagemerkmale? Tough zeigt am Beispiel einer Brennpunktschule, wie die Förderung benachteiligter Schüler gelingt. Dieses kluge und provokante Buch wird den Leser fesseln – und es wird unser Verständnis von Kindheit, Schule und Ausbildung verändern.

Die Kulturellen Werte Europas

Author : Hans Joas
ISBN : IND:30000100648587
Genre : Europa
File Size : 37. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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