a metaphysics for scientific realism knowing the unobservable

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A Metaphysics For Scientific Realism

Author : Anjan Chakravartty
ISBN : 9781139468398
Genre : Science
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Scientific realism is the view that our best scientific theories give approximately true descriptions of both observable and unobservable aspects of a mind-independent world. Debates between realists and their critics are at the very heart of the philosophy of science. Anjan Chakravartty traces the contemporary evolution of realism by examining the most promising strategies adopted by its proponents in response to the forceful challenges of antirealist sceptics, resulting in a positive proposal for scientific realism today. He examines the core principles of the realist position, and sheds light on topics including the varieties of metaphysical commitment required, and the nature of the conflict between realism and its empiricist rivals. By illuminating the connections between realist interpretations of scientific knowledge and the metaphysical foundations supporting them, his book offers a compelling vision of how realism can provide an internally consistent and coherent account of scientific knowledge.

Dawkins God

Author : Alister E. McGrath
ISBN : 9781118964798
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59. 11 MB
Format : PDF
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A fully updated new edition of a critically acclaimed examinationof the theories and writings of Richard Dawkins by a world-renownedexpert on the relation of science and religion Includes in-depth analysis of Dawkins’ landmark treatiseThe God Delusion (2006), as well as coverage of his laterpopular works The Magic of Reality (2011) and TheGreatest Show on Earth (2011),and a new chapter on Dawkins as apopularizer of science Tackles Dawkins’ hostile and controversial views onreligion, and examine the religious implications of his scientificideas including a comprehensive investigation of the ‘selfishgene’ Written in an accessible and engaging style that will appeal toanyone interested in better understanding the interplay betweenscience and religion

Rationalit T Realismus Revision Rationality Realism Revision

Author : Julian Nida-Rümelin
ISBN : 9783110805703
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 67. 86 MB
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Author : Phyllis Illari
ISBN : 9780191639685
Genre : Mathematics
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Head hits cause brain damage - but not always. Should we ban sport to protect athletes? Exposure to electromagnetic fields is strongly associated with cancer development - does that mean exposure causes cancer? Should we encourage old fashioned communication instead of mobile phones to reduce cancer rates? According to popular wisdom, the Mediterranean diet keeps you healthy. Is this belief scientifically sound? Should public health bodies encourage consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables? Severe financial constraints on research and public policy, media pressure, and public anxiety make such questions of immense current concern not just to philosophers but to scientists, governments, public bodies, and the general public. In the last decade there has been an explosion of theorizing about causality in philosophy, and also in the sciences. This literature is both fascinating and important, but it is involved and highly technical. This makes it inaccessible to many who would like to use it, philosophers and scientists alike. This book is an introduction to philosophy of causality - one that is highly accessible: to scientists unacquainted with philosophy, to philosophers unacquainted with science, and to anyone else lost in the labyrinth of philosophical theories of causality. It presents key philosophical accounts, concepts and methods, using examples from the sciences to show how to apply philosophical debates to scientific problems.

Einf Hrung In Die Philosophie Der Naturwissenschaften

Author : Ian Hacking
ISBN : 3150094429
Genre : Science
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Political Research

Author : Sandra Halperin
ISBN : 9780198702740
Genre :
File Size : 46. 42 MB
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Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills is the most comprehensive political research methods textbook available. Written especially for politics students, it provides a practical and relevant approach to the subject that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed toevaluate research findings and successfully carry out independent study and research. Taking a helpful step-by-step approach, the authors guide the reader through the process of asking and answering research questions and the different methods used in political research, providing practical advice on how to be critical and rigorous in both evaluating and conducting research. With an emphasis throughout on how research can impact important political questions and policy issues, Halperin and Heath equip readers with the skills to formulate significant questions and develop meaningful and persuasive answers. An Online Resource Centre accompanies this text, and includes a range of resources for both students and lecturers. For students: * Learn from real examples of actual research to see what research proposals and literature reviews look like in practice* Take your learning further with relevant web links to reliable online content related to each chapter. For registered lecturers: * Access additional case studies, complete with accompanying questions, for use in class or to assign as additional reading* Reinforce key themes from each chapter with suggested seminar questions and activities

The Reality Of The Unobservable

Author : E. Agazzi
ISBN : 9789401593915
Genre : Science
File Size : 25. 93 MB
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Observability and Scientific Realism It is commonly thought that the birth of modern natural science was made possible by an intellectual shift from a mainly abstract and specuJative conception of the world to a carefully elaborated image based on observations. There is some grain of truth in this claim, but this grain depends very much on what one takes observation to be. In the philosophy of science of our century, observation has been practically equated with sense perception. This is understandable if we think of the attitude of radical empiricism that inspired Ernst Mach and the philosophers of the Vienna Circle, who powerfully influenced our century's philosophy of science. However, this was not the atti tude of the f ounders of modern science: Galileo, f or example, expressed in a f amous passage of the Assayer the conviction that perceptual features of the world are merely subjective, and are produced in the 'anima!' by the motion and impacts of unobservable particles that are endowed uniquely with mathematically expressible properties, and which are therefore the real features of the world. Moreover, on other occasions, when defending the Copernican theory, he explicitly remarked that in admitting that the Sun is static and the Earth turns on its own axis, 'reason must do violence to the sense' , and that it is thanks to this violence that one can know the tme constitution of the universe.

Spory O Realizm

Author : Mateusz Kotowski
ISBN : 9788364208034
Genre :
File Size : 50. 61 MB
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Zbiór artykułów poświęconych realizmowi filozoficznemu.

Und Einstein Hatte Doch Recht

Author : Clifford M. Will
ISBN : 9783642743146
Genre : Science
File Size : 26. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Keine wissenschaftliche Theorie ist auf solche Faszination auch außerhalb der Wissenschaft gestoßen wie die Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie von Albert Einstein, und keine wurde so nachdrücklich mit den Mitteln der modernen Physik überprüft. Wie hat sie diesen Test mit Raumsonden, Radioastronomie, Atomuhren und Supercomputern standgehalten? Hatte Einstein recht? Mit der Autorität des Fachmanns und dem Flair des unvoreingenommenen Erzählers schildert Clifford Will die Menschen, Ideen und Maschinen hinter den Tests der allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie. Ohne Formeln und Fachjargon wird der leser mit Einsteins Gedanken vertraut und erfährt von der Bestätigung seiner Vorhersagen, angefangen bei der Lichtablenkung im Schwerefeld der Sonne 1919 bis zu den ausgefeilten Kreiselexperimenten auf dem Space Shuttle. Die Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie hat nich nur alle diese Tests bestanden, sie hat darüber hinaus wesentlich beigetragen zu unserem Verständnis von Phänomenen wie Pulsaren, Quasaren, Schwarzen Löchern und Gravitationslinsen. Dieses Buch erzählt lebendig und spannend die Geschichte einer der größten geistigen Leistungen unserer Zeit.

Hasok Chang S Active Scientific Realism In The Context Of Realist Scientific Paradigms

Author : Karl-Heinz Mayer
ISBN : 9783656655930
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81. 46 MB
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Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject Philosophy - Philosophy of the Present, grade: 1.0, University of Vienna (Institut für Philosophie), course: Seminar Pluralismus und Wissenschaftsphilosophie, language: English, abstract: In his recent book, Is Water H2O?, Hasok Chang presents a detailed analysis of scientific realism and enunciates a new concept of it, which he names “active scientific realism”. It is a view of scientific realism that accentuates experimental activity for learning about reality rather than armchair philosophy in the search for utmost metaphysical truth. Chang puts it in a nutshell as follows: “If the buzzword for standard realism is truth, it is progress for active realism.” (Chang 2012, 223) This term paper attempts to critically look at this new concept, put it in the perspective of other realist concepts and find answers to questions like the following: • How does Chang’s concept fit into the existing landscape of scientific realism? • What are the roots of the concept? • What is new and attractive in it? • What are the weaknesses of the concept? First I’ll try to define scientific realism as a metaphysical and epistemological position as opposed to anti-realism. In the next chapter I’ll present the main arguments for and against scientific realism, the “no miracle” argument and the “pessimistic meta induction”, and also look at them from Hasok Chang’s angle of view. Then a brief overview of common realist positions in philosophy of science will be given, including Hasok Chang’s new conception. In the following chapter I’ll try to look critically at some aspects of Chang’s “Active Scientific Realism” and balance the strengths and weaknesses of the concept.

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