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A Deeper Kind Of Truth

Author : Elizabeth M. Reis
ISBN : 0809128586
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A Deeper Kind Of Calm

Author : Linda Dillow
ISBN : 9781615214983
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Through the Psalms, women can learn how to positively handle the disappointments of life, discern the comforting truth found in God’s Word, and be encouraged to deal with the waves of trials, depression, and discouragement. Includes a 4-week Bible study.

Two Kinds Of Truth

Author : Michael Connelly
ISBN : 9780316225915
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81. 49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Harry Bosch searches for the truth in the new thriller from #1 NYT bestselling author Michael Connelly An NPR Best Book of 2017A Times Critics' Top Book of 2017 A Barnes & Noble Best Book of 2017A South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best Mystery of 2017 An Amazon Book of the Month Harry Bosch, exiled from the LAPD, is working cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department when all hands are called out to a local drugstore, where two pharmacists have been murdered in a robbery. Bosch and the tiny town's three-person detective squad sift through the clues, which lead into the dangerous, big-business world of prescription drug abuse. To get to the people at the top, Bosch must risk everything and go undercover in the shadowy world of organized pill mills. Meanwhile, an old case from Bosch's days with the LAPD comes back to haunt him when a long-imprisoned killer claims Harry framed him and seems to have new evidence to prove it. Bosch left the LAPD on bad terms, so his former colleagues are not keen on protecting his reputation. But if this conviction is overturned, every case Bosch ever worked will be called into question. As usual, he must fend for himself as he tries to clear his name and keep a clever killer in prison. The two cases wind around each other like strands of barbed wire. Along the way, Bosch discovers that there are two kinds of truth: the kind that sets you free and the kind that leaves you buried in darkness. Tense, fast-paced, and fueled by this legendary detective's unrelenting sense of mission, Two Kinds of Truth is proof positive that "Connelly writes cops better than anyone else in the business" (New York Post).

Humanistic Psychology

Author : David N. Elkins
ISBN : 9780976463887
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 74. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Elkins, a long-time leading voice in humanistic psychology, presents a compelling case about what is wrong with contemporary psychotherapy and how, through a re-envisioned humanistic psychology, it needs to change.

Truth And Its Nature If Any

Author : Jaroslav Peregrin
ISBN : 9789401592338
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The question how to turn the principles implicitly governing the concept of truth into an explicit definition (or explication) of the concept hence coalesced with the question how to get a finite grip on the infinity of T-sentences. Tarski's famous and ingenious move was to introduce a new concept, satisfaction, which could be, on the one hand, recursively defined, and which, on the other hand, straightforwardly yielded an explication of truth. A surprising 'by-product' of Tarski's effort to bring truth under control was the breathtaking finding that truth is in a precisely defined sense ineffable, that no non trivial language can contain a truth-predicate which would be adequate for the very 4 language . This implied that truth (and consequently semantic concepts to which truth appeared to be reducible) proved itself to be strangely 'language-dependent': we can have a concept of truth-in-L for any language L, but we cannot have a concept of truth applicable to every language. In a sense, this means, as Quine (1969, p. 68) put it, that truth belongs to "transcendental metaphysics", and Tarski's 'scientific' investigations seem to lead us back towards a surprising proximity of some more traditional philosophical views on truth. 3. TARSKI'S THEORY AS A PARADIGM So far Tarski himself. Subsequent philosophers then had to find out what his considerations of the concept of truth really mean and what are their consequences; and this now seems to be an almost interminable task.

Simply Christian

Author : N. T. Wright
ISBN : 9780061920622
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Why is justice fair? Why are so many people pursuing spirituality? Why do we crave relationship? And why is beauty so beautiful? N. T. Wright argues that each of these questions takes us into the mystery of who God is and what he wants from us. For two thousand years Christianity has claimed to answer these mysteries, and this renowned biblical scholar and Anglican bishop shows that it still does today. Like C. S. Lewis did in his classic Mere Christianity, Wright makes the case for Christian faith from the ground up, assuming that the reader is starting from ground zero with no predisposition to and perhaps even some negativity toward religion in general and Christianity in particular. His goal is to describe Christianity in as simple and accessible, yet hopefully attractive and exciting, a way as possible, both to say to outsides ÔYou might want to look at this further,Ö and to say to insiders ÔYou may not have quite understood this bit clearly yet.Ö


Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015074739627
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 52. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A journal of philosophy covering epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of mind.

True Detective And Philosophy

Author : William Irwin
ISBN : 9781119280781
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81. 45 MB
Format : PDF
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Indhold: Introduction: Welcome to the Psychosphere / Jacob Graham and Tom Sparrow ; 1. Why Life Rather Than Death? Answers from Rustin Cohle and Arthur Schopenhauer / Sandra Shapshay ; 2. Grounding Carcosa: Cosmic Horror and Philosophical Pessimism in True Detective / Christopher Mountenay ; 3. Hart and Cohle: The Hopeful Pessimism of True Detective ; Joshua Foa Dienstag ; 4. Loving Rust's Pessimism: Rationalism and Emotion in True Detective Season One / Rick Elmore ; Rust's Anti-Natalism: The Moral Imperative to "Opt Out of a Raw Deal" / Chris Byron ; 6. Where is the Cruelty in True Detective? / G. Randolph Mayes ; 7. Nevermind: Subjective and Objective Violence in Vinci / Luke Howie ; 8. Naturalism, Evil, and the Moral Monster: The Evil Person in True Detective / Peter Brian Barry ; 9. "But I Do Have a Sense of Justice:" Law and Justice in the Bleak World of Vinci / Beau Mullen ; 10. A Dream Inside a Locked Room: The Illusion of Self / Evan Thomp-son ; 11. I Am Not Who I Used to Be, But Am I Me? Personal Identity and the Narrative of Rust / Andrew M. Winters ; 12. The Light is Winning / Sarah K. Donovan ; 13. The Tragic Misstep: Consciousness, Free Will, and the Last Midnight / Daniel P. Malloy ; 14. The Tragedy of True Detective Season Two: Living Our "Least Favor-ite Lives" / Alison Horbury ; 15. The Noir Detective and the City / Chuck Ward ; 16. Cohle and Oedipus: The Return of the Noir Hero / Daniel Tutt ; 17. Time is a Flat Circle: Nietzsche's Concept of Eternal Recurrence / Lawrence J. Hatab ; 18. Eternal Recurrence and the Philosophy of the "Flat Circle" / Paul DiGeorgio


Author : Don DeLillo
ISBN : 1101042176
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From the author of White Noise (winner of the National Book Award) and Zero K In this powerful, eerily convincing fictional speculation on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Don DeLillo chronicles Lee Harvey Oswald's odyssey from troubled teenager to a man of precarious stability who imagines himself an agent of history. When "history" presents itself in the form of two disgruntled CIA operatives who decide that an unsuccessful attempt on the life of the president will galvanize the nation against communism, the scales are irrevocably tipped. A gripping, masterful blend of fact and fiction, alive with meticulously portrayed characters both real and created, Libra is a grave, haunting, and brilliant examination of an event that has become an indelible part of the American psyche. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Serious Talk

Author : John Polkinghorne
ISBN : 1563381095
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Polkinghorne argues that the habits of thought that are natural to the scientist are the same habits of thought that can be followed also in the search for a wider and deeper kind of truth about the world.

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