Loving Her  A Lesbian Romance Collection

Loving Her A Lesbian Romance Collection

Written by: Delaney Silva

  • Publisher:
  • Publish Date: 2018-08-22
  • ISBN-10: 9788828394792
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Book Summary

Loving Her: A Lesbian Romance Collection is a bundle of 3 steamy and sensual lesbian romances from lesbian fiction favorites Evette White, Delaney Silva, and Dylanne Brooks. If you’re looking for lesbian romance books that are heartwarming, sensitive, and sensual, but also steamy, passionate, and quaking, then this lesbian romantic fiction box set is for you. Loving Her: A Lesbian Romance Collection is an F/F romance bundle that is roughly 356 pages long, and contains the 3 lesbian romance books Accidental Love, Something New, and Falling. Also contained are the additional bonus books Watching and Starting Over. This lesbian romance collection contains authentic lesbian romantic fiction that is written by lesbians, for lesbians. * Accidental Love I’d never seen a traffic accident before until now. The young woman was clipped by a car, and I rushed to her aide. She mistakenly thought I’d hit her, and was understandably angry, so I did what I could, and waited for help. And I thought nothing more of it. Nothing more than her blazing blue eyes burning into mine. Picture my surprise when she turns up at my house later… to apologise for yelling at me. And she’s just absolutely stunning. Beautiful, sexy, she steals my breath away. And it’s moments like these that I hate that I like girls. She makes my heart race, she makes my palms sweat, and she has no idea. And she never can. What are the chances? She couldn’t possibly be a lesbian, too. So I send her on her way, and think nothing more of it. Nothing but her blazing blue eyes… her full lips… imagining them pressed against my own. Picture my surprise when she turns up at my house again. And this time… this time she tells me she wants me. I never in a million years thought an accident would bring me love… * Something New After a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Brittany finds herself seeking solace at a lesbian bar, where she plans to drown her sorrows. When she’s harassed by a drunk, Brittany thinks she’s made a mistake. She thought she’d be safe from that kind of behavior at a lesbian bar. But when the bouncer bursts into the bar, and stops the harassing woman, Brittany is stunned silent. The bouncer is big, strong, and incredibly, incredibly beautiful. There’s something about her that reaches deep inside Brittany, that makes her feel a way she’s never felt before. As she gets to know the bouncer, the magnetic woman gives Brittany an unexpected kiss, and she feels as though she’s looking at the world out of different eyes. Brittany never thought she was a lesbian. Passing attractions are just that, flitting. But with Terin, the bouncer who saved her, she finds herself wanting more. She finds herself falling in love… * Falling Love stories are never as neat and tidy as they are in the books. This story, my love story, is as messy as it gets. An abusive marriage to a man, a love triangle, a woman I adored, and children in the picture. Life is never simple. Love is never simple. Oh, love is passionate. Love is sensual. Love is blow-your-mind ecstasy. Love is happiness and joy. But simple… love never is. This love story isn’t simple. It took a long time for me to get there. I had to go through so much to reach that place. Horrible times… but also wonderful times. Now I’ve found my rock, my touchstone. Now I’ve found the woman I love, and who loves me back with all her heart. Now I’ve found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is our story. *

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